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Offering bespoke flooring solutions for your business.

With a resin flooring installation you will have a wealth of benefits over traditional floor coverings. Your new floor installation will give you durability, slip and chemical resistance, and is very easy to clean.

As an ACC Flooring customer you will receive an outstanding quality installation from first class manufacturers. We are resin flooring specialists with over 30 years of expertise in the industry. Backed by a highly skilled and experienced team of applicators who have excellent commercial and customer services support.

We offer all clients a free, no obligation site survey and quotation. Start today and Request a Free Quote.

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Case Study – Hollinsworth Lake Caravan Park

Case Study – Decorative Flake Flooring

Case Study – Warehouse Flooring

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We explain what resin flooring is and how a resin floor installation is more hygienic, safer and can save your business a lot of money on future repair bills compared to traditional floor coverings. Read More…

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Resin flooring can be installed in any industrial or commercial environment: Warehouses, breweries, chemical plants, education, production, car parks, health & more. See Full List…

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Request a free resin sample to be sent and you will see for yourself how a new resin flooring installation is far superior compared to any traditional floor covering. Request A Sample…

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Sustainable Flooring That Stands the Test of Time

Recently visiting one of our long standing customers based in the UK, it was an ideal opportunity to look at a polyurethane screed we installed in 1998. The client used to apply a floor paint every shutdown to keep the area looking ok. This is the main factory Goods In and Goods Out where they manufacture 1.7m items per day and export 70%.

The client wanted a surface that would withstand heavy Forklift Traffic, 24 hours a day, 6 days a week. The surface would need to be durable, easy to clean and compliment the very high standards that are set and maintained.

We selected a 6mm thick, polyurethane screed for the area, once the floor had been fully mechanically prepared. I’m sure you will agree, they made the correct decision by selecting, firstly the correct flooring contractor and secondly, the polyurethane screed.

The estimated lifespan of the screed is 12-15 years, however this screed has plenty of life left in it yet. I cannot see any reason why they will not enjoy anther 10 years from the floor. Not one day lost due to a slip, trip or fall in this area. Not one day lost due to the area requiring repainting.

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