Avoid Health And Safety failing with a non slip resin flooring solution

With so many health and safety guidelines to follow for your place of work, you might be interested in the best non slip resin flooring solutions available for your premises where appropriate. With the relatively new rules implemented to the UK’s health and safety regulations, if an accident happens within the workplace, a company can be fined if it’s found that their health and safety failings were a cause.

Slips are one of the biggest, and unfortunately easiest, ways that employees and the public can hurt themselves, so even with the best non slip flooring, you’ll want to follow these simple guidelines from EHS Today.

One of the most important factors is good housekeeping by your staff. This, in general, can be measured pretty easily be conducting spot checks. You need your employees to look out for blocked aisles and exits, uneven and damaged flooring which should be replaced, and spills which could lead to a slip.

From your perspective, you need to look for potential problems before they happen. If you have corners which leave you with potential blind spots for trips and falls, then invest in warning materials and mirrors for example.

You always need to ensure proper lighting in your place of work too. If it’s found that non-functioning lighting or areas which are too dimly lit have caused an accident, you could be liable for a hefty fine.

Ensuring your employees are protected should the worst happen is the final defense, meaning protective work gear and the training to deal with any health and safety emergencies is vital. Although insuring against the potential for injuries is essential, a prevention of them happening at all is preferable to every business.

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