Bus Flooring: Why you should use resin

ACC Flooring have vast experience in coach and bus flooring installations, including workshops for routine servicing and repairs.

Slips and trips are one of the most common incidents found on public transport. We find it is crucial to include anti-slip flooring to decrease the amount of accidents in wet and dry weather conditions. According to Transport for London, slips, trips and falls accounted for 56% of accidents on London buses. This percentage not only could cost your reputation, it can also result in personal injury claims, with legal practitioners offering settlements up to £13,250.

Altro offer an extensive range of safety flooring including a comprehensive resin flooring product portfolio. As an example, Altro has refreshed their transport offer to include Altro Transflor Meta and Altro Transflor Chroma which are there lightest ever transport products. These can be viewed at www.altro.co.uk.

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Coach and Bus Flooring for Workshops

ACC Flooring offer an extensive range of safety resin flooring options for bus workshops. You can be assured that the floor will be just as safe as the day it was installed. Our most popular flooring from some of the UK’s major resin manufacturers, including Altro, Resdev, Remmers, KDR Resins and Resin Building Products, is designed for hard wearing flooring environments with superb benefits:

  • chemical resistance
  • battery acid resistance
  • impact resistance
  • hygiene
  • slip resistance
  • ease of cleaning

In our bus and coach workshops, we can provide solutions to offer a durable and suitable installation for all demands. Our range of flooring products facilitates can be used in areas such as:

  • rolling roads
  • ramps
  • pits
  • MOT trackers.

Use demarcation to increase safety in the workplace

All these facilities are outlined with demarcation for health and safety regulations. Demarcation is used in areas for hatchings, pedestrian walkways and hazard lines. They are are designed to avoid accidents and collisions in the work place providing a safe working environment for both pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

Other health and safety aspects for bus flooring includes chemical resistance from oils and battery acid for occasional spillages. The flooring must be chemical resistant to avoid corrosion which could cause potential hazards and damage the resin floor installation.

Resin Flooring Solutions offer slip resistance

picture of people at a launch of finished bus flooring projectResin flooring solutions like Altro Tect and Resdev Pumashield can offer slip-resistance and are also moisture tolerant. Additional benefits of vertical coving detail will enhance the floor aesthetically. This FeFRA type 3 flooring has a guarantee of 3 years with a life expectancy of 7 years and is an easy to clean surface.

Altro Crete 6mm and Pumadur HF heavy duty polyurethane flooring delivers excellent chemical resistance. It performs best in heavy duty workspaces and provides anti-slip characteristics. This FeFRA type 8 flooring has a guarantee of 10 years and a life expectancy of 15 years.

Polyurethane screeds are durable so will perform significantly better for long lasting purposes and life cycle costs. Although more expensive, ACC Flooring can assure you that this installation will prevent regular disruption and downtime causing inefficiencies within the business.

Anti-slip flooring for wet and dry changing areas

We also offer decorative flooring for wet and dry changing areas. These areas have a anti-slip flooring. An example of this would be an Altro Screed quartz. The FeFRA type 6 comes in a wide variety of colours and provides excellent slip resistance.

Dry changing areas may not require a slip-resistant profile but will offer an easy to clean flooring system. This will guarantee excellent hygienic properties and durability in an area designed for constant use.

Bus Flooring Case Study

An example of our work can be found on our case studies page.

When installing a flooring for a bus showroom in West Yorkshire, we used a high build epoxy coating. Our client was impressed by the efficiency of our excellent installation and completion of the project within a tight timescale.

We offered a high build epoxy coating applied in 2 light grey coats. This is a FeFRA type 3 flooring classification which will achieve characteristics such as good chemical resistance, good abrasion resistance and excellent durability.

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bus flooring with grey colour and red bus
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