Commercial Epoxy Flooring Benefits And Features

Looking for a floor solution for a commercial environment such as a hotel reception area or in the lobby of a bank? A commercial epoxy flooring solution has a wealth of benefits over traditional carpets or tiles. Let’s try to help you.

What are the demands placed on any flooring product in a commercial locations? The flooring must be fit for purpose; it must also be aesthetically pleasing on the eye. It has to be durable and easy to clean, meet life expectancy and be a cost effective solution.

So what are your options? You might consider the traditional choices of carpet, carpet tiles, luxury vinyl tiles or vinyl. Hold on, you’ve forgotten one, what about epoxy flooring for your commercial project?

Throw Those Pattern Books Away

Throw those pattern books and sample cards away, epoxy flooring is ideal for a commercial location, whether it’s in a hotel, bank, hospital, leisure or retail there’s a choice of products with a host of benefits and features.

commercial epoxy flooring systems

Decorative quartz screed products are installed at 4 – 6mm and are ideal for medium to heavy duty areas. With a life expectancy of 15 years and a manufacturer’s guarantee of 10 years, this commercial epoxy flooring solution is available in a wide colour range encompassing bright and vivid colourways to pastel and subtle quartz combinations. A slip-resistant option is also available with a ptv of ≥40 to eliminate the prospect of any slips, trip and falls providing a safe environment.

There’s also a fast track option @ 5mm for those schemes were downtime is critical.

Commercial Epoxy Flooring Benefits And Features

A self-smoothing or self-levelling epoxy flooring systems installed at 1 – 3mm is again perfect for medium to heavy duty commercial areas. Resin manufacturers will provide a 6 year guarantee to go along with a life expectancy of 10 years. Available in a high gloss finish, this eye catching product would look stunning in any commercial location.

Decorative epoxy screeds and an epoxy self-levelling commercial flooring systems are seamless, easy to install, easy to clean with a scrubber drier, have good chemical and stain resistance and have excellent decontamination characteristics.

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    commercial epoxy flooring systems
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