Commercial Resin Flooring

Amongst our vast experience in installing high quality flooring, we have installed commercial resin flooring for some of the biggest retailers in the UK, providing them with a seamless resin flooring solution that represents the quality associated with their brand. All our commercial flooring systems come with a large selection of options from non-slip flooring to anti-static, comfort and safety flooring.

ACC Flooring provide high quality and decorative commercial resin flooring that can be tailored to fit any requirements for leisure, retail, health and pharmaceutical environments.

decorative commercial resin flooring used on a staircase

Why choose ACC Flooring for your next commercial resin flooring project?

Whilst providing our clients the perfect resin flooring solution for schools, hotels and leisure centres, retail shops and food flooring and beverage cafeterias, we offer:

  • Fast installation – this means minimal downtime, supplying our busiest clients with efficient and excellent results without taking up too much of their time.
  • High-quality commercial flooring & service – we offer high-quality products at a great price which are installed by an expert team who have vast knowledge and experience.
  • Industrial experience – we have a wealth of knowledge to advise clients on the best flooring solution and aftercare to provide a good long-lasting installation.

Our excellent commercial resin flooring experience comes from working in many different commercial areas, some examples include:

  • Retail environments – providing resin flooring which can withstand a lot of pedestrian traffic. Also providing anti-slip characteristics if necessary.
  • Beauty areas – resin flooring which is tolerant to harsh chemical spillages.
  • Bars, clubs & restaurants – providing flooring which is tolerant to spillages and can withstand heavy-duty pedestrian traffic.
  • Gymnasium & fitness floor – Heavy-duty flooring for fitness bikes and other gym equipment.
  • Office environmentsdecorative resin flooring systems which can brighten up any office location.
  • Museums and Galleries – resin flooring equipped for heavy pedestrian traffic and anti-slip characteristics.

Examples of our work in the commercial sector can be seen on our case studies page.

decorative commercial resin flooring used at a mill conversion

Options for a good-looking finish

We always offer an aesthetically pleasing finish for all our completed works in the commercial sector due to the vast amount of foot traffic who will be visiting your business. It is important for us to not only impress our clients but their customers as well.

We offer many flooring options to achieve a beautiful finished look that can still provide the characteristics you need in your flooring installation.  Altro Mosaic is a popular option which is usually used in areas such as:

  • Communal areas
  • Walkways
  • Corridors
  • Reception Areas
  • Atria

This FeFRA type 4 has a life expectancy of 8 years and a guarantee of 6 years. Despite its lack of slip resistance, it is easily cleaned, medium duty with good chemical resistance.

Another option would be the Altro Screed which comes in a wide variety of different styles and colours. This FeFRA type 6 offers medium-heavy duty with moderate impact resistance and can include good anti-slip characteristics.

ACC Flooring have recently built partnership with Arturo, a company who specialise in providing finishes that leave your flooring looking first-class and modern. They offer styles out of the ordinary, allowing your floors to be unique at reasonable prices. Visit their website for further information.

For professional help and advice on your next industrial floor project, call our team on 0800 5420 518 or use the request a quote form.

decorative commercial resin flooring in a factory

commercial resin flooring in a mill conversion
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