Does your existing floor need repairing?

We offer a range of concrete and resin floor repairs ideal for both substrate, joints and remedial work.

  • ACC Maintain Floor Repair – A polyurethane concrete used as a floor patching compound for both concrete and polymer modified cementitious screeds providing excellent durability, impact and abrasion resistance. At a thickness of 5-10mm it has a similar consistency as a cement based mortar and can be trowel applied to a close finish.
  • ACC Bulk – A heavy duty polyurethane repair mortar for use as an underlayment or infill on concrete and polymer modified cementitious and sand/cement screeds. The product can be used to form falls or ramps. Trowel applied finish at a thickness of 10-60mm.
  • ACC Maintain Joint Repair – A polyurethane concrete specifically designed to repair joint arrises in concrete floor substrates with good chemical and impact resistance properties.

Cure time of 6-8 hours for light pedestrian traffic on all the above to minimise downtime.

We offer all our clients free, no obligation site surveys and quotations.

broken substrate at a chemical plant
progress made repairing a channel in a chemical plant
floor repairs to broken concrete
100% of waste in April 2024 was diverted away from landfill.
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Do you want to see and feel what a resin floor would look like at your premises? Follow the link to request a resin sample.

samples of resin flooring