Fork Lift Truck Traffic Demands On Warehouse Flooring

The demands on warehouse flooring due to high levels of fork lift truck traffic and the weight being carried provide different challenges to resin flooring contractors than other industrial locations.

When looking at specifying a resin flooring product to a warehouse flooring there are several factors to consider.

Firstly, the condition of the substrate which can be damaged and in need of repair due to either age of the substrate or the amount of trafficking. If the substrate is damaged then ACC Flooring can provide a number of options. Any isolated repairs would be carried out in a resin rich heavy polyurethane mortar to a depth of 10 – 60mm.

Fast Drying And Durable Warehouse Flooring Solutions

A pump screed laid at 5 – 30mm to warehouse flooring offers the benefits of fast track installation of 2,000m² per day under suitable conditions, rapid setting, fast drying and being self-levelling offering a strong durable floor topping.

A polymer modified screed imparts greatly improved flexural strength which together with the high bonding and fast-curing capacity allows the production of thin sections of seamless floor screeds with excellent durability and would be laid to large areas both providing a smooth finish prior to the application of a resin finish.

Heavy fork lift truck traffic to warehouse flooring can also damage the expansion joints. ACC Flooring would recommend that these are saw cut and infilled with a flexible mastic which accommodates normal thermal and vibration movement while providing sufficient strength to protect joints from damage and erosion.

Gloss Finish To Provide Good Chemical Resistance

Once any issues with the substrate have been resolved a solvent free high build epoxy coating applied in 2 coats to a thickness of 350 – 500 microns with a gloss finish can be installed to provide good chemical resistance and abrasion resistance to any warehouse flooring. This product would have a life expectancy of 5 – 7 years.

For a more robust finish a self-levelling solvent free self-levelling system can be applied in 1, 2 or 3 mm options again offering good chemical and impact resistance. These products would have a life expectancy of 10 years in a warehouse location.

Finally, high visibility demarcation in the form of lines, hatching, numbering or lettering can be installed to provide a safe working environment.

Whilst warehouses are usually fast moving work places they need to be fit for purpose. ACC Flooring can provide cost effective flooring solutions to meet all budgets.

Do You Need Advice On Your Next Project?

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