Hard Wearing Flooring

Whilst cost is a major factor when choosing a new floor, hard wearing flooring is usually at the top of the list, particularly when the area has high vehicle and foot traffic.

The below image shows a chemical warehouse with a high build epoxy coating to give excellent resistance to wear and tear as well as chemical and slip resistance. The existing concrete floor was failing, with failed joints and expensive repair bills on machinery such as forklifts.

installing demarcation in a chemical warehouse for fork lifts and pallets

The existing concrete substrate was prepared by enclosed shot blasting and enclosed vacuum controlled diamond edge grinding to remove any laitance. Any areas in the concrete substrate deemed as a trip hazard were cut out and made good using both ACC Maintain Floor Repair and ACC Bulk. AltroLine in Safety Yellow was applied to create a designated walkway.

Epoxy flooring utilises a mixture of materials applied to a pre-prepared floor surface. Once hardened, the resulting resin floor is exceptionally hardwearing and ideal for properties that experience high volumes of vehicle and foot traffic.

Over 20 years on…

We recently visited a long standing customer and had an opportunity to look at a floor we installed back in 1998. The customer used to apply a floor paint every shutdown to keep the area looking OK. The client wanted a hard wearing floor that would withstand heavy forklift traffic. The floor would need to be durable, easy to clean and compliment the very high standards that are set and maintained.

The estimated lifespan is 12-15 years. I cannot see any reason why they will not enjoy anther 10 years. Not one day lost due to the area requiring repainting.

resin flooring installed 20 years ago


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resin flooring installed 20 years ago
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