How ACC are reducing their carbon footprint

Producing less waste brings us comfort in that we’re doing our part to reduce our company’s carbon footprint. To achieve satisfaction with a waste scheme, we looked for the best fit waste management company to provide the most environmentally friendly alternative solution. Not only does landfill release methane and carbon dioxide into the climate which are harmful gases, but these gases are also produced just transporting the mass of waste to the landfill site.

It takes 20x more energy to make an aluminium can from non-recycled material than raw material would.

Contributing to the Community

ACC Flooring work alongside Footprint Recycling; Based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire they’re an independent local business whose ethos is to send zero waste to landfill and focus on recycling, waste management and carbon neutrality to help build a sustainable future which we passionately encourage and endorse. Footprint Recycling provide ACC Flooring with monthly KPI figures and WTN on all waste collected from our head office and client sites.

Our schemes support the UK Governments ‘Resources and Waste Strategies’ for England, which focuses on company’s responsibilities toward minimising waste, promoting resource efficiency and a circular economy. Their 25-year plan points to a goal of eliminating all forms of avoidable waste by 2050.

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle schemes create 10x more jobs than disposal of waste, contributing to a future of social equality.

Through ACC Flooring and Footprint Recycling, we can help to reduce our customers carbon footprint too, as we’re an environmentally safer alternative to other flooring companies and install sustainable flooring. We make choices to help you feel better about choosing us for your projects.

Our contributions so far…

ACC Flooring are registered with the Environmental Agency as an upper tier waste carrier, broker, and dealer.

100% of waste produced so far in 2023 was directed away from landfill from the waste produced by 96 jobs. Which without our efforts, would equal to 25.99 tonnes of waste going to landfill.

Our company use recycled materials and consumables where possible such as plastic buckets and cardboard and are overall mindful about how we are contributing to reduce unnecessary wastage.

ACC follow accordingly to the rules and regulations of the Environment Agency’s program, which haven’t been breached in the 12 years of our waste management scheme placement when we signed up to ‘Having Waste to Landfill’ scheme through our governing body FeRFA.

Attained the ‘Zero to Hero’ Green Apple award in 2014 and ‘Environmental Initiative of the Year’ from FeRFA in both 2011 and 2014.


RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel) are waste material fuel methods used to turn general waste into a fuel that can be used to generate heat and power rather than sending it to landfill.

In July alone, 4.2 tonnes of waste material, which includes tins, cans, cardboard and recycled plastic buckets was collected to RDF. 1.8% of waste was recycled, and 98.2% of waste went to RDF to become a more environmentally friendly fuel.

From January to July of 2023, 25.99 tonnes of waste have been collected, of which 16.1% was recycled, and 83.9% taken to RDF.


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100% of waste in April 2024 was diverted away from landfill.
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