Hygienic Polyurethane Flooring Provides High Chemical Resistance

Hygienic heavy duty polyurethane resin flooring offers the ideal solution for food manufacture and processing areas including food processing plants, bakeries (case study), abattoirs, dairies, breweries (case study of a Micro Brewery) and kitchens that need hygienic food grade flooring. From screed systems through to coving and renders, hygienic polyurethane flooring is designed to meet the demands of the food and drinks industry and provide solutions for both wet and dry areas as well as refrigeration and freezer flooring.

hygienic polyurethane flooring provides high chemical resistanceACC Flooring Ltd supply and install a heavy duty, trowel applied, hygienic polyurethane resin flooring system for use on concrete and polymer modified cementitious screeds designed with the food and drinks industry in mind. Health and safety legislation is a constant issue and traditional flooring products don’t always meet these requirements. Heavy duty polyurethane hygienic resin flooring does not support microbial growth and are seamless, impervious and non-porous and have been tested by the Campden & Chorleywood Food Research Association offering peace of mind on quality and suitability for the food and drink industry.

Hygienic Polyurethane Flooring Provides High Chemical Resistance

In addition to its hygienic properties a polyurethane resin flooring system is stable to steam cleaning and hot water exposure when installed at 9mm. With very high chemical resistance, non-tainting, seamless, high abrasion resistance, ease of cleaning and slip resistance features and benefits along with its durability, this is the perfect solution for the food and drink industry.

Polyurethane flooring is also complemented by coving, render and upstands to allow a smooth transition from floor to wall adding to the hygienic dynamics of the product. This makes cleaning easy and continues to close colour seamless finish for heavy duty traffic areas.

If you’re planning a flooring project in the food and drink industry then don’t compromise. Specify a hygienic heavy duty polyurethane flooring solution.

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hygienic polyurethane flooring provides high chemical resistance
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