Factory flooring that lasts over 15 years

ACC Flooring have immense experience in the installation and decorating of industrial factory flooring. Regardless of business type or size, we work hard to provide all our clients with our best services to produce well-functioning, long lasting flooring for all factories.

ACC Flooring identify that not all factories require the same specific needs as another, and therefore we can design your flooring to accommodate whatever requirements you will need for the best flooring that will suit your business.

Our best-selling factory flooring option

Our best flooring is epoxy flooring because of its versatility and durability. It is the most ideal for factories as well as warehouses and other industrial resin flooring facilities.  Epoxy flooring is known for its ability to last longer than any other flooring materials in heavy-duty work spaces. Epoxy is also excellent at being resistant to chemicals and is extremely easy to maintain. As well, it is strong and durable, which means it takes a lot for it to break and repairs are not often necessary.

two examples of industrial factory flooring installations

Is your factory Floor doing a good job?

All factory flooring must be good at what you expect of it. It must be capable of doing more than just providing your staff with somewhere to walk. For example:

  • Your factory flooring must be resistant to bacteria and chemicals. Any spillages that happen in the workplace should easily be cleaned without any lasting damage to your floor.
  • Factory flooring must be sustainable to last its life expectancy. With great flooring comes higher prices, however, it the long run this will save you money as a better-quality flooring will not need any new installations or repairs for many years.
  • Factory flooring must be durable and have the best resistance to pressure. Factories tend to require heavy machinery and a lot of foot traffic; the flooring must be able to withstand this pressure with little to no damage.
  • Factory flooring must also be aesthetically pleasing, as all floors should be. It is important for your flooring to look the part not only for your visitors but your employees too.

How will painting affect my Floor?

Painting is an important part of factory flooring. It makes your workplace safer to use whilst still looking its best. The main use of painting is demarcation. It includes:

  • Pedestrian zones/walkways (walking man) – This gives pedestrians easy access around the factory without any fear that any machinery or heavy-duty vehicles are going to collide with them. Check out the case study – How a bearings manufacturer used demarcation to protect it’s employees.
  • Hazard lines/hatching – Some areas may be too dangerous and these hazard lines are there to stop people from going too close to a machine that may cause them harm.
  • Outlines – Factories may include bumps and dips in the floors, so it is important that everyone is aware where these are so there are no accidents in the workplace.
  • Zebra crossings – With machinery moving about the factory, zebra crossings mean that pedestrians can cross safely. Vehicles can see when someone would like to cross.
  • Fire safety routes – It is essential that all employees can easily find a quick route out of the building. Being in such as large and busy workplace, it is important that these routes are as clear as possible.

two examples of industrial factory flooring using demarcation

Especially in factories, it is important to have demarcation on your resin floor to provide health and safety information to your employees. Demarcation is used in most, if not, all workplaces which use heavy machinery or heavy-duty vehicles. It is used to prevent collisions whilst separating pedestrians from dangerous equipment.

Painting is also used as traffic control around the factory. It can be used to tell workers where to put items when they have finished with them, or how to use the equipment safely, and tell them which direction it is to the toilets. Without painting, large areas or work would struggle to function and be very dangerous.

To discuss your next floor project, call ACC Flooring 0800 5420 518. Or use the call-back form.

industrial factory flooring in blue and demarcation zebra crossing
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