Looking for gym flooring options at your school?

ACC Flooring advise that all gyms should consider resin flooring solutions to make the most form your money. Resin flooring includes many characteristics suitable for a fitness environment including easy cleaning and good durability for all your equipment and foot traffic.

Installing resin flooring for your school gym

Our gym flooring extends to educational purposes, providing a safe place for children to keep fit and healthy. Our slip-resistant flooring solutions can be installed which will prevent unnecessary slips and falls in the gym area. This allows the consumers to enjoy the gym and test their limits with a minimal risk of falling.

Getting the most from your gym flooring

Resin can be used on a wide range of other materials, including concrete and metal, so can therefore be an option no matter what your current flooring situation is. Seamless resin floors provide an impervious barrier which means that they will actually protect whatever is underneath it, making wear and tear minimal.

We also provide flooring for gyms that have excellent easy cleaning methods which will allow the gym to stay hygienic every day with minimal efforts to sustain. This is useful for a gym that will need cleaning on a daily basis due to it being a hot and sweaty environment.

ACC Flooring can identify that all gyms are different dependant on who the consumers are, and therefore we have a flexible outlook and are here to help you make personalised decisions for your new gym flooring, suitable to your preferences. This includes having a wide range of options for your gym floor, with a vast selection of colours and finishes to give it a welcoming look to all visitors.

For professional help and advice on gym flooring, call our team on 0800 5420 518 or use the request a quote form and we will call you back.

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