Newsletter – March 2020

Leeds Arts University chooses Altro Tect MT

The Altro Tect product family includes Altro Tect moisture-tolerant or Altro Tect MT.

Altro Tect MT is a high moisture tolerant high build, solvent free epoxy coating system which has been developed for use in high moisture situations, isolating water to provide protection for floor coatings.

Altro Tect MT is used as a self-priming first coat for high build coatings such as Altro Tect and Altro Tect slip resistant variants and ensures long term reliability and performance. This system also offers good chemical and abrasion resistance for light and medium duty applications.

The advantages of Altro Tect MT include:

  • Offers tolerance to residual construction moisture of hydrometer readings up to 97%
  • Retards the transmission of water vapour
  • Facilitates progression of fast track construction projects, reducing application schedules to as little as 21 days subsequent to concrete installation
  • Outstanding adhesion to concrete under adverse conditions
  • Excellent resistance to water and hydrolysis
  • Rapid application
  • Low viscosity
  • Low odour
  • Tailored top coat to suit application

Altro Tect MT is available in a comprehensive colour palette.

The image below shows completed resin floor at Leeds Art University where Altro Tect solvent free, high build epoxy coating in Portland was chosen by the client as they were looking for a neutral colour to complement the students work.

grey floor with altro tech moisture tolerant epoxy coating

ACC Flooring Encapsulated Acrylic Flake System

In the fast few months we have installed our decorative flake system into some prestigious locations including Donaldsons Vets new veterinary practice in Olmondbury and Hinchcliffe Farm Shop in Huddersfield. In December 2019 we were asked to install the system at Overfinch Customer Experience Centre in Batley to their vehicle presentation turntable which is used to display the vehicle prior to the customers’ collection.

Once the substrate has been mechanically prepared, the ACC Flake system comprises of a base coat of a high build, solvent free epoxy coating which whilst wet the acrylic flakes are fully blinded and allowed to cure overnight. The following day the excess flakes are swept off and a coat of Altro Screed Clear Gloss Seal applied and again left to cure overnight. A final coat of Altro Seal UVR Clear Matt or Altro Screed Clear Gloss seal, depending on appearance preference, is installed and again left to cure overnight. The finished system is then available for foot traffic.

Offering an 8 year life expectancy for medium duty areas, ACC Flake provides an impressive epoxy flooring solution ideal for areas were a striking appearance is sought after.

The product is perfect for reception areas, corridors, walkways and communal areas.

Have a look at our case studies for all of the above mentioned projects; we’re sure you’ll agree that the photographs are stunning.

Case Studies:

decorative flake system used at a veterinary surgery
decorative flake system used at farm shop
decorative flake system used overfinch car showroom

Resin Flooring in Fish and Chip Shop Locations

A resin flooring system in a fish and chip shop is a necessity due to legislation within food industry.

We have installed a heavy duty polyurethane screed @ 6mm in numerous locations throughout the country over many years. Due to the size of these projects the flooring is usually installed in a day and with an overnight cure and is ready for foot traffic within 18 hours. Together with a minimum 10 year life expectancy this durable offering is the ultimate resin flooring solution.

The benefits of a heavy duty polyurethane screed are:

  • Excellent resistance to aggressive chemicals
  • Unlikely to taint food store in close proximity to material cured for 24 hours at 20°C
  • Profiled slip resistance providing low slip potential
  • Good cleanability
  • Impervious
  • Seamless
  • Hygienic
  • HACCP approved

So what do HACCP approved mean?

HACCP or hazard analysis and critical control point is a systematic preventative approach to food safety from biological, chemical and physical hazards in product process that can cause the finished product to be unsafe and designs measures to reduce these risks to a safe level.

Next time your collecting your takeaway have a look at the floor and ask yourself is it HACCP approved.

For more information on HACCP visit the website.

We were delighted to be involved in such a prestigious project and would like to pass on our best wishes to the owners. Read full case study

grey resin floor
grey resin floor using altro cove detail

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grey floor with altro tech moisture tolerant epoxy coating
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Do you want to see and feel what a resin floor would look like at your premises? Follow the link to request a resin sample.

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