Newsletter – November 2019

Maintaining Your Slip Resistant Resin Floor

So you’ve planned the project for months, got all the new equipment commissioned, the new slip resistant resin floor looks fantastic, but how do you keep it looking as good and safe as the day it was installed? Unfortunately resin floor finishes whether they are in either internal or external environments don’t clean themselves.

Correct and thorough cleaning should be an essential part of your floor maintenance programme to ensure your safety floor is kept safe and clean throughout its life cycle. Providing a clean and hygienic environment which you can be proud of is one thing, but effective cleaning and maintenance also has a vital role to play in ensuring your floor continues to perform to the expected standards.

The surface profile of a resin safety floor ensures that foot and floor connect even when the surface contaminants are present. Kept clean, the surface aggregates are of a sufficient size and number to break through the contaminants thereby reducing the risk of a slip to one in a million. If incorrect cleaning procedures are followed, a hazardous level of dirt and contaminant build up can accumulate on the surface of the flooring potentially increasing the risk of slip to as high as one in two.

There are five typical cleaning methods:

  • Mop and bucket
  • Manual scrubbing
  • Mechanical scrubbing
  • Diamond impregnated pads
  • Pressure washers or steam cleaning equipment

FeRFA, the resin flooring association has issued a PDF guide to cleaning resin floors from floor sealers to heavy duty resin flooring.

Floors which are kept clean and maintained will last longer, in order for the floor to continue to provide the intended performance levels proper cleaning techniques are essential.

If you would like expert help and advice on your next flooring project, please give our experienced team a call on 0800 5420 518.

cleaning your floor to reduce slips trips and falls

Case Study – Flooring Demarcation

Flooring demarcation doesn’t have to just consist of designated pedestrian walkways, fork lift truck routes, zebra crossings, directional arrows, hatchings or warning stencils. More and more we are being asked to mark out pallet storage areas, provide continuous or broken line markings, PPE line and identify cleaning stations and fork lift truck charging areas.

Your workplace is a blank canvas, think about your demarcation, what you need and picture how you think it should look and leave the rest to us. Read full case study

floor with red and blue lines
floor with yellow resin demarcation lines

Case Study – Resin Flooring & Drainage Systems

As factories and manufacturing units evolve due to the advent of advanced machinery techniques and efficiencies, we are often asked to solve the problem of standing water in hygienic areas.

When drainage systems are initially connected they are designed around the machinery footprint on the day of installation. What happens in the subsequent years? Old machinery is replaced with more efficient plant, production flow changes and needs modification and the profile of the environment evolves and the drainage system which was once fit for purpose suddenly isn’t.

Standing water is not just a hygienic problem but also a health and safety nightmare. Changing the contours of the substrate to allow for water to flow into drainage systems can be easily solved. We install heavy duty polymer modified cementitious screeds to falls which improves flexural strength of the substrate which along with high bonding properties results in excellent durability. To complete the process a resin floor topping is applied feathering into the drainage tops to eliminate lips and allowing the safe and easy disposal of any water or liquid without risk of bacteria growth or slips and trips.  Read full case study

black floor with drainage system installed 2
black floor with drainage system installed

More Recent Case studies

We’ve over 50 case studies for you to take a look at with some great before and after photos. They are all categorised into different industries and sectors. Take a look on our Case Studies Page.

cleaning your floor to reduce slips trips and falls
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