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ACC Flooring have over 30 years’ experience in working with workshop flooring installations. We offer bespoke resin flooring, specific to what you require providing the best quality flooring suitable for your business and employees.

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Workshop flooring is available in a variety of thicknesses dependant on what your flooring needs. The ultimate product selection that we offer is a FeFRA type 8 such as Altro Crete or Resdev Pumadur HF heavy duty polyurethane screed which are both suitable for medium-heavy duty flooring. This option comes in thicknesses of 2mm-8/9mm, with a life expectancy of up to 20 years. This product is perfect for durability and chemical resistance.

Car workshop flooring

We have a range of systems both in epoxy and polyurethane which are slip resistant, high impact resistant, chemical resistant and extremely durable. We can offer warranties from 3-15 years. In addition, we can provide bespoke demarcation to rolling roads, scissor lifts and ramps ensuring that all employees are working in a safe environment.

Enhance the quality of your workshop floor covering

Resin flooring is a brilliant alternative, available for any resin floor which will not only look good but will enhance the quality of the flooring whether it is a new installation or an old one. Our floor covering comes in both epoxy and polyurethane in a vast range of colours, matt and gloss. An epoxy floor covering will also leave your flooring clean and dust free permanently.

We would advise against any unprotected concrete slabs, which may get damaged due to impact or chemical spillage, including lubricant oils and battery acids. To ensure the long term durability of the substrate, we would recommend some form of protection, for example, a polyurethane clear dust sealer or a high build epoxy coating.

As resin flooring specialists, we advise to opt for a floor covering from ACC Flooring as it can prolong the life expectancy of your installation and leave a lasting impression on your clients/visitors, perfect if you’re looking to impress.

completed workshop flooring with demarcation

Professional floor marking

We provide your floor with important floor marking such as demarcation, providing in production, manufacturing and warehousing. This aspect of your flooring is perfect for health and safety instructions for both vehicles and pedestrians. Demarcation includes walkways, exit routes, arrows and hatching to clearly highlight regulations to prevent accidents in the workplace.

We always advise floor marking as this is an easy way to provide safety instructions necessary to busy work areas.

Non slip flooring solutions

Of course, ACC Flooring know that workshops can be unsafe when wet due to its usual smooth finish. Because of this, we also offer an anti-slip option to consider if your floor tends to get wet. An anti-slip floor is a texture surface which prevents accidents from occurring due to bad weather or other liquid spillages.

Altro Grip is a popular option for an anti-slip floor as it can provide characteristics such as good chemical resistance, excellent impact resistance and a life expectancy of 15 years. For further information and other anti-slip flooring options, visit our Non Slip Flooring page.

Chemical resistance for your workshop floor

Products such as Altro Crete and Pumadur HF are our top products when installing workshop flooring. Not only is it long lasting, durable product, it is the ideal solution for extremely heavy-duty areas where chemical resistance is of paramount importance. Visit our chemical resistant flooring page for further information on protecting your workshop floor.

Case Studies

Check out some of our recent workshop flooring case studies below. To see all our recent work please visit our Case Studies page.

completing the final touches for workshop floor
large workshop flooring project in grey and green demarcation
workshop flooring in grey with blue pedestrian walkways
workshop flooring example in black and red colours and yellow demarcation
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