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Case Study: Carbon Compounds Manufacturer Industrial Resin Flooring Installation

ACC Flooring was approached by a new client to put forward a resin flooring solution to a new portal frame building within their site in Darlington. The client manufactures and supplies carbon compound and timber wood products for aluminium, steel, chemical, rubber, railroad and utility industries for a worldwide market.

The client provided a comprehensive list of chemical products and their concentration levels which were likely to be stored in the newly constructed bund. After consulting with our resin manufacturer, a specification was proposed which would provide the client with an effective solution and give a life expectancy of 15 – 20 years.

A new concrete slab had been poured some weeks earlier to the 560 square metre area and had reached the required strength to receive a resin floor finish. The expansion joints were racked out and infilled with a resin rich, heavy duty polyurethane repair mortar which was allowed to cure as they were both too wide and too deep to be infilled with a flexible compound. The substrate was then mechanically prepared with diamond grinding equipment to provide a chemical key for the resin installation.

A heavy duty polyurethane screed @ 6mm was recommended due to the products seamless and slip resistant characteristics, in addition to very high chemical resistance properties. To provide heightened protection a UV stable top coat in a polyurethane chemical resistant coating in a gloss finish was applied. This product has the advantage of not picking up and holding any processed chemical waste pigments and is ideal for hostile environments.

2 coats of the polyurethane chemical resistant coating were also applied to the upstands around the perimeter of the bund @ 150mm high to provide enhanced containment and protection.

The expansion were then saw cut and infilled with a polyurethane modified epoxy expansion jointing compound designed specifically to provide both good chemical resistance and durability with a high degree of flexibility.

The installation was completed in 5 days and the client was delighted with the result.


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Project Details


April 2018


Darlington, North East


Heavy Duty Polyurethane Screed


Industrial Flooring


FeRFA Type 8


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Project Gallery

installing ferfa type 8 resin floor
installing the heavy duty polyurethane screed
preparation of the heavy duty polyurethane screed
preparing the floor for the heavy duty polyurethane screed
completion of the heavy duty polyurethane screed
continuing preparation of the concrete floor for the resin flooring screed
enjoying his work installing the heavy duty polyurethane screed

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