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Case Study: Chemical Bund Industrial Resin Flooring Installation

ACC Flooring was asked by a long standing client in the chemical industry to solve a problem with an external chemical bund which contained acid and alkaline. The existing resin floor finish had failed and in addition rainwater was pooling in several areas. There were also unprotected plinths which required dressing. A large tank wall was also showing signs of protection deterioration.

The failed resin floor finish was uplifted by using kango’s to expose the concrete substrate which was then mechanically prepared with vacuum enclosed diamond grinders. The plinths, coving and tank wall were also prepared to remove any laitance and provide a clean, sound substrate to receive a resin finish.

A laser level was run over the 60m² floor area to ascertain a datum to enable a heavy duty polymer modified cementitious screed to the installed to falls. The purpose of installing a screed was to eliminate any water pooling ensuring that both rainwater and chemical spillages ran into the drainage outlet.

The coving and unprotected plinths were dressed with a seamless polyurethane mortar which is specifically designed for vertical surfaces and radius cove detail. This product also benefits from durability and abrasion properties and when sealed being chemical resistant to a wide range of commonly used chemicals such as concentrated citric acid, spirit vinegar (50% acetic acid), lactic acid, methanol and ethanol, in addition to offering protection to a wide range of inorganic acids, fuels, hydraulic oils, mineral oils and solvents. The plinths and coving were sealed with a water based polyurethane coloured grout which is also designed to seal any pin holes and voids.

The tank wall was protected with a coat of MasterSeal P770 Primer followed by 2 coats of MasterSeal M790 highly chemical resistant, crack bridging Inorganic Polyurea Composite Membrane for waterproofing & protection to concrete structures in harsh conditions. This product is ideal for waste water treatment plants both in the inflow and outflow areas, sewage effluent pipelines, biogas plants and secondary containment.

Masterseal M790 can be applied on horizontal and vertical surfaces, internal and external areas, concrete, cementitious mortar and steel substrates and reinforces concrete to protect against carbonation or chloride induced corrosion.

Once the cementitious polymer modified screed had cured, a heavy duty polyurethane screed was applied at a thickness of 6mm. The trowel applied product has very high chemical resistance properties, is seamless providing a fully sealed surface, has high abrasion properties and is slip resistant and provides the perfect finished floor surface in any chemical bund.

The client was delighted with the finished appearance which should given a regular cleaning and maintenance programme have a life expectancy of in excess of 10 years.


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Project Details


May 2019


Clitheroe, Lancashire


Heavy Duty PU Repair Motar


Industrial Flooring


FeRFA Type 3, FeRFA Type 8


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Repairing a chemical bund for a client in manchester
a picture of a chemical bund completed to protect against chemical spills
in the process of repairing a chemical bund in a red colour
completed works for a bund against chemical spillages
completed works for a bund against chemical spillages
completed repairing a chemical bund for an industrial client in manchester

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