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Case Study: Chemical Plant Industrial Resin Flooring Installation

ACC Flooring was asked by one of their chemical manufacturing clients to provide a solution for one of their production areas. The company has sites worldwide with over thirty being in Europe. The site has been moth-balled in the past but now the company are looking to bring it up to the standard of their other locations. Having already completed some projects earlier in the year, ACC Flooring was tasked with completing the work in a short shutdown time frame.

The first floor area had been subjected to years of wear and tear to both the pedestrian walkway areas and the production areas. The client asked for a light colour to the body of the manufacturing area to enhance the visual appearance.  The walkways were to be re-instated to provide the employees with a clear and defined path to eliminate potential health and safety issues. Raw material and work-in-progress areas were also to be identified by using additional contrasting colours.

The whole area was mechanically prepared by scabbling machines and diamond grinders to remove all the laitance. The two coat high build epoxy coating system was installed throughout. A non-slip aggregate was scattered between coats to areas were the client deemed that there could be a potential slip hazard.

The Green walkways had a high visibility Yellow demarcation line applied to either side to embellish the appearance against a Light Grey background shade. Other demarcation in Mid Blue, Red and Buff was installed to give clear the employees specific areas to store raw materials and work-in-progress.

Completed in a three day programme ahead of schedule causing the client no additional downtime, the contrast between before and after the work was completed was astonishing. So much so that the client asked that the mezzanine area above the first floor is completed at their next available shutdown.

ACC Flooring can transform any working environment providing a safe place for all employees and brightening up any aged and tired workplace.


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Project Details


August 2017


Dewsbury, West Yorkshire


Epoxy Coatings & Demarcation


Industrial Flooring


FeRFA Type 3


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chemical plant ferfa type 3
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chemical plant epoxy coating ferfa type 3 resin flooring systems

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