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Case Study: Chemical Plant in Dewsbury

ACC Flooring was asked by a long standing client to re-configure the floor demarcation to one of their production areas. The first floor level was originally installed in August 2017, but the client asked for the slip resistance to be improved & for the demarcation to be re-modelled as it was now outdated.

The area was mechanically prepared & 2 coats of ACC HB SF high build epoxy coating in Light Grey with a Chelford aggregate scatter between coats to provide a degree of slip resistance was applied to refresh the existing floor finish.

2 coats of ACC HB SF in Green, Red, Safety Yellow & Mid Blue in addition to a coat of Altro Line high gloss, high visibility demarcation system in Safety Yellow was installed to re-instate a walkway, re-configure solid coloured demarcation boxes & lined border boxes in Mid Blue, Red & Safety Yellow .

The hatched area to the lift entrance was also reinstated in Mid Blue with Safety Yellow lines.

ACC HB SF offers a durable gloss finish in a wide range of colours & is resistant to chemical spills & is easy to apply. Whilst Altro Line is ideal for demarcation to isolated areas & spaces in addition to highlighting pedestrian walkways & zebra crossings.

The works was completed in a scheduled shutdown & was part of the client’s planned refurbishment programme to improve the aesthetics & health & safety on site.


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Project Details


March 2021


Dewsbury, West Yorkshire


High Build Epoxy Coating


Industrial Flooring


FeRFA Type 3


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Project Gallery

completed floor demarcation at a chemical plant
completed floor demarcation improving slip resistance
reinstating floor marking
green walkway for foot traffic
green and yellow floor demarcation
completed solid coloured demarcation boxes
completed floor demarcation in a production area of a chemical plant
blue demarcation in a chemical production area
adding yellow demarcation alongside the green
work in progress reinstating walkway at a chemical plant

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