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Case Study: Health & Beauty Manufacturer Resin Flooring Installation

ACC Flooring was asked by one of our clients to offer advice and a solution for two external fork lift truck routes.

The issue which the client had was that heavy fork lift traffic had damaged the concrete substrate which was breaking up and causing health and safety issues for the forklift truck operatives but also as a potential trip hazard for other members of the workforce.

The damaged concrete to both areas was uplifted, removed and disposed. The newly exposed concrete was mechanically prepared by the use of vacuum controlled diamond grinders and all dust and debris removed.

A heavy duty polymer modified screed was installed at 75mm and allowed to cure for three days.

The benefits of a polymer modified screed include the ability to use on both internal and external applications; it can be applied at a low thickness of 10mm. Is water resistant and exhibits excellent tensile strength.

Once cured, ACC Grip HD was applied to both areas. This product is a heavy duty three-component flexible binder which when scattered with either natural or synthetic aggregates creates a slip resistant profiled surface which is suitable for car parks, ramps and pedestrian walkways. A top coat of ACC HB high build epoxy coating in charcoal was then applied to complete the installation.

The client was delighted that these potential issues had been solved with the minimum downtime and ACC Flooring has also helped the client eliminate a potential health and safety issue whilst providing a cost effective long term solution.

ACC Grip HD is suitable for use on concrete, polymer, sand and cement screeds, suitable asphalt, wood and steel surfaces. With a wide choice of natural and synthetic aggregates available, patterns and logos can also be created.


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Project Details


September 2017


Bradford, West Yorkshire


Concrete Floor Repair


Industrial Flooring


Slip Resistant


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