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Case Study: Garden Care Company Industrial Resin Flooring Installation

A returning client, the leading garden care company outside of North America asked ACC Flooring to provide a solution to their warehouse at the Doncaster site.

The existing floor area whilst having a sealed concrete surface had bay identification for pallet storage and a designated walkway to assist both employees and visitors with safe routes around the warehouse, however both were worn and were in need of a refresh.

The substrate was mechanically prepared with vacuum enclosed diamond grinders to remove any laitance. With hands-on guidance from the client, the proposed demarcation was marked out using silver cloth tape. Once all the areas were fully prepared and marked out, Altro Line solvent free, high build epoxy line marking/demarcation system was applied in Safety Yellow to the newly refurbished walkway. A 300mm high Walking Man stencil placed at regular intervals was applied again in Safety Yellow to enhance the Health and Safety requirements on the walkway.

Altro Line in White was used to create new bay identification. These bays were also numbered with a 200mm high stencil and the designated paths between each bay identified with a 200mm high numbered stencil to assist employees with stock placement.

Altro Line is available in four standard colours, Safety Yellow, Safety Red, Black and White and benefits from a high visibility appearance in a high gloss finish, good chemical resistance, ease of cleaning and a low odour during application. Typical areas of use include:

A polyurethane clear transparent seal coat which provides abrasion resistance properties and will withstand heavy traffic for long periods was applied to encapsulate the line markings and the over grind in the preparation process.

The work was completed in the agreed timeframe causing minimal disruption to the client’s operation.


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Project Details


August 2019


Doncaster, South Yorkshire




Industrial Flooring


FeRFA Type 3


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Project Gallery

safety demarcation for warehouse in doncaster
completed demarcation in yellow on a concrete floor in a warehouse
a photo of completed yellow and white lines on a concrete floor in a warehouse
picture of the warehouse floor before the demarcation and safety lines were laid
preparing warehouse concrete floor for demarcation in yellow
yellow and white lines in a warehouse in doncaster
preparing a warehouse concrete floor for new yellow and white demarcation
close up picture of yellow and white lines in a warehouse in doncaster

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