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Case Study: Manufacturer of Dust and Fume Extraction Equipment

ACC Flooring secured the work to refurbish the warehouse of a new client in Wakefield. They design, manufacture and supply state-of-the-art dust and fume extraction equipment to meet the highest industry standards. They have also developed market leading equipment in cartridge and bag filtration technology.

Due to logistical restrictions the 740m² project was divided into two halves with each of the two visits being carried out during a three day programme.

The concrete substrate was prepared by vacuum controlled mechanical hand held diamond grinders to remove any laitance. The failed expansion joints were diamond saw cut, raked out and re-infilled with ACC Maintain polyurethane repair mortar which is ideal for repair joint arrises in concrete floor slabs and can withstand continuous wear from forklift trucks and wheeled traffic.

2 coats of a solvent free, high build epoxy coating in Mid Grey was installed to provide a fully sealed surface which is hygienic, provides excellent chemical and abrasion resistance, and easy to clean and maintain.

The walkways were marked out and 2 coats of a high build epoxy coating in Green were installed. Altro Line high gloss, high visibility, epoxy line marking system in Safety Yellow was applied to form a line either side of the walkway.

New zebra crossings were also created in Altro Line in Black and White to enhance the safety of both employees and visitors.

Altro Line is ideal for defining not only pedestrian walkways but also isolated areas and spaces. The product benefits from being highly visible, low odour and has good chemical resistance.

The project was completed to the agreed timeframe to the delight of the client.

An epoxy floor coating is cost effective with a life expectancy of 5 to 7 years and offers the perfect solution for general industry, warehouses, plant rooms, store rooms and workshops.


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Project Details


January 2021


Wakefield, West Yorkshire


High Build Epoxy Coatings and Demarcation


Industrial Flooring


FeRFA Type 3


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Project Gallery

completed grey resin flooring in a warehouse
completed resin flooring installation in grey
completed resin flooring installation with green pedestrian walkway
grey resin flooring at a warehouse in wakefield
black and white painted pedestrian crossing in a warehouse

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