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Case Study: Manufacturer Epoxy Coatings And Demarcation Flooring Installation

ACC Flooring was asked by a returning client whose business dates back to the 1890’s and who are a leading manufacturer of advanced plumbing and engineering products to a worldwide marketplace to install safety walkways and demarcation in the Doncaster factory.

The designated walkways were marked out and mechanically prepared with enclosed diamond grinders and Hilti floor cutters to remove any laitance. A coat of ACC HB high build, solvent free epoxy coating in Green was applied and allowed to cure overnight.

ACC HB is designed to provide a tough, hard wearing protective floor finish. With ease of cleaning in a high gloss appearance, the product is not only ideal for safety walkways but also automotive workshops, laboratories, light to medium duty industrial units, warehousing and any other workplace environments which are subject to pedestrian and medium duty vehicular traffic.

Available in a wide range of colours and offering a resistance to general chemical spills and abrasion, ACC HB delivers a fully sealed surface with a life expectancy of a minimum 7 years.

Altro Line high visibility, solvent free, high build epoxy line marking system was then installed in Safety Yellow to create lines to each side of the walkways with walking men again in Safety Yellow introduced to enhance the safeguarding of the company employees and visitors.

Altro Line is available in a high gloss finish in Safety Yellow, Safety Red, Black and White bringing good chemical resistance and ease of cleaning properties and is perfect for defining walkways, isolated areas or spaces.

Forklift Truck stencils were positioned at the end of designated aisles as directed by the client. The stencils were protected with an epoxy clear seal to complete the installation.

The work was carried out during weekend hours with all areas being available for trafficking without causing the business any downtime in weekday working hours.


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Project Details


March 2020


Doncaster, South Yorkshire


Epoxy Coatings & Demarcation


Industrial Flooring


FeRFA Type 3


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Project Gallery

green resin walkway for pedestrains
pedestrian walkway in the warehouse
green walkway and yellow fork lift route
yellow fork lift route on the floor
long pedestrian walkway in a warehouse
high view of green pedestrian walkway

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