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Case Study: Micro Brewery Industrial Resin Flooring Installation

A new brewery business in Yorkshire which wanted to use water drawn from a natural spring to produce beer contacted ACC Flooring to manage their start-up project.

The unit acquired by the client had seen many uses and changes throughout its life. The site was a bare shell with old concrete floors. Due to the nature of the business, budgets were tight and specification recommendation was crucial to provide the client with products which were not only fit for purpose but aesthetically attractive.

A stainless steel drainage system was supplied and installed by ACC Flooring and cut into the existing concrete to allow the polymer modified screed to be laid to falls which would facilitate the flow of water into the drains preventing cross contamination. Altro Crete 6mm slip-resistant, heavy duty polyurethane screed was used to finish. All the process rooms were housed in bund areas where block walls were built by ACC Flooring and protected with polyurethane render to fully protect them from brewing sugars with Altro Crete PU to complete the hygienic environment.

A decorative flake system was used in the office and services, whilst a slip-resistant, high build epoxy coating were applied to the vehicle loading areas.

All the works were completed on time and within budget.

Due to the excavation work and the need to remove old floor coverings a huge amount of waste was produced. ACC Flooring’s recycling initiative meant that 98% of all the waste was recycled on this project. Whilst providing a fully sustainable resin flooring solution which will provide many years of service.


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Project Details


February 2014


Huddersfield, West Yorkshire


Heavy Duty Polyurethane Flooring


Industrial Flooring


Slip Resistant Flooring


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Heavy Duty Polyurethane Resin Flooring
Heavy Duty Polyurethane Resin Flooring
Heavy Duty Polyurethane Resin Flooring

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