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Case Study: Refurbish a large chemical bund, channel & sump

ACC Flooring was asked to refurbish a large chemical bund, channel & sump area in a chemical plant by a long standing client.

The bund measured 301m² to which the existing flooring system had failed throughout. The channel measured 38.3 linear metres were both the base & sides had failed due to erosion from the chemicals used in the plant.

The failed base & sides to the channel were uplifted & mechanically prepared with enclosed diamond grinders. ACC Bulk resin rich, heavy duty repair mortar was laid to both the bases & sides including the damage shoulders to make good.

  • ACC Bulk is trowel applied at thicknesses between 10 – 60mm & can be used as an underlayment or infill on concrete and polymer modified sand & cement screed & to form ramps & falls.
  • ACC PUH heavy duty polyurethane screed @ 6mm was installed to the base on the channel & sump & coated with ACC DD Silk, a polyurethane chemical resistant coating to give added protection in this hostile environment.
  • ACC PUH benefits from being very high chemical resistance with a seamless finish to provide full containment of any chemical liquids.
  • ACC WR polyurethane render was laid to the vertical detail to the sides & shoulders of the channel & sump with both ACC Coloured Grout & 1 coat ACC DD Silk applied to complete the installation & provide enhance the chemical protection.

Due to time restrictions the installation to the bund was completed in 3 phases. The failed flooring system was uplifted & removed. Diamond grinding preparation to the floor area, tanks, plinths, support columns, ramps & steps was then carried out.

ACC PUH heavy duty polyurethane screed @ 6mm was applied to the floor area with ACC WR polyurethane render installed to form a fillet cove @ 50mm to the perimeter wall, plinths, tanks & support columns. ACC WR is seamless with chemical resistant properties & is perfect for vertical surfaces & radius cove.

1 coat of ACC HB SF high build epoxy coating & 1 coat of ACC DD silk polyurethane coating was installed to the perimeter wall of 61.4m between 300mm – 500mm high, 17Nr plinths, 7Nr tank walls of various sizes & 24Nr support columns 500mm x 500mm x 400mm high.

1 coat of Altro Line high gloss, high visibility epoxy demarcation system was applied to bases the 24Nr support columns. Altro Line is widely used to define walkways, isolated areas or spaces & due to its high gloss appearance is ideal to enhance areas to improve health & safety standards within any industrial environment.

1 coat of ACC HB SF & 1 coat of ACC DD silk was applied to redress 2Nr ramps & to the treads & risers to the steps. ACC HB SF has a durable finish & is resistant to general chemical spills.

To complete the installation the expansion joints were diamond saw cut & infilled with flexible mastic.

The project management was pivotal to the success of this refurbishment project as the extensive scope of works required meticulous planning to ensure minimal downtime to the production area.


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Project Details


April 2021


Clitheroe, Lancashire


Heavy Duty Polyurethane Flooring


Industrial Flooring


FeRFA Type 8


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Project Gallery

grey resin floor at a chemical plant
completed resin repairs at a chemical plant
completed resin floor repairs
floor before repairs started
completed floor repair with acc bulk
completed chemical bund repair
broken substrate at a chemical plant
progress made repairing a channel in a chemical plant
picture of a chemical plant

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