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Case Study: Skoda Car Dealership Industrial Resin Flooring Installation

ACC Flooring secured the order to refurbish the main Skoda dealership vehicle workshop in Bradford. The existing coating had worn badly and the area was in need of freshening up to enrich both employee and customer experience.

Due to the workshop being in constant demand, the client could only give us a small window of opportunity to carry out the works. The workshop was cold as you would expect for the time of year, which would not be conducive to an epoxy coating cure time. The client arranged for the heaters to be left on from Friday evening to Monday morning to assist with the curing process.

The area of 210m² was degreased on Friday to enable us to start the preparation work in Saturday morning. Vacuum enclosed diamond grinders were then used to remove the existing coated and any other laitance.

Due to the nature of the environment and the limited timeframe to carry out the works, Remmers Epoxy HB Color, high build coating in Mid Grey with an accelerator added to the 1st coat was proposed to the client. By adding 4% of the weight in relation to Epoxy HB Color the cure time between coats dramatically reduces.

At 8°CAt 15°C
Without accelerator2nd coat application ˃24 hours2nd coat application  ˃24 hours
Adding 4% accelerator2nd coat application 16 in hours2nd coat application 8 in hours

We were then after the 1st coat application on Saturday able to apply the 2nd coat on Sunday morning with the completed installation being cured and available for trafficking on Monday morning, therefore causing the client the minimum amount of downtime and disruption.

The car workshop flooring project was transformed in a single weekend. A dramatic change, and the client was delighted with the result.

In extreme temperatures and very tight timeframes the accelerator can be added to both the 1st and 2nd coats to ensure that the product has cured ensuring that areas are available in the shortest of downtime periods causing the absolute minimum disruption to most industrial environments.


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Project Details


January 2019


Bradford, West Yorkshire


Epoxy Coatings & Demarcation


Industrial Flooring


FeRFA Type 3


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Project Gallery

finished garage workshop refurbishment for skoda in bradford
completed car garage workshop resin floor refurb in 3 days at skoda in bradford
completed car garage workshop refurb at skoda in bradford
completed car garage workshop resin floor refurb at skoda in bradford
picture before workshop garage floor at skoda in bradford was refurbished
picture of worn away paint before workshop garage floor at skoda in bradford was refurbished
picture before workshop garage floor was refurbished at skoda in bradford

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