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Case Study: Specialist Chemical Company

A long standing client who formulates systems for the timber preservation sector, dye powders & other components for the ink sector asked ACC Flooring to carry out a repair to a heavy traffic route within their factory flooring.

The two damaged patches were within an area of 7.4m², one being 2000mm wide & the other 400mm wide but were causing damage to their fork lift trucks.

The two repair areas were diamond saw cut to square off the sides & edges. The full area was mechanically prepared with hand held, vacuum controlled diamond grinders. ACC PUH heavy duty polyurethane screed in Mid Grey was used to infill the patches with both being brought flush to the adjacent substrate to eliminate any lips.

ACC PUH provides a matt seamless surface which is excellent impact resistance & is the perfect solution for heavy duty wheeled traffic areas.

2 coats of ACC HB SF high build epoxy coating in Mid Grey with a gloss finish was applied to the 7.4m² area to complete the installation, the gloss finish matching the existing factor floor appearance.

ACC HB SF in a durable industrial coating & is the ideal solution in warehouses, packing & storage areas, workshops & plant rooms.

The repair was completed during weekend hours with the area being available for trafficking on Monday morning when the factory re-opened.


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Project Details


April 2021


Bradford, West Yorkshire


Heavy Duty Polyurethane Screed


Industrial Flooring


FeRFA Type 3


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Project Gallery

repairing the floor for forklift traffic
preparing the floor with vacuum controlled diamond grinders
floor showing damage from forklift traffic
floor being prepared for repairs
damaged floor area prepped for pu screed
completed floor repairs for forklift truck traffic

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