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Case Study: Supplier of Industrial Welded Mash & Perimeter Fencing Panels

ACC Flooring successfully secured the contract to install demarcation to the factory floor of a new client in Brighouse. The company supplies industrial welded mesh & perimeter fencing panels to both the UK & export markets.

The factory floor had some existing demarcation in certain areas but this had worn & the client wanted both a new walkway & demarcation around machinery to be applied to enhance health & safety features for both employees & visitors.

The concrete substrate was mechanically prepared with hand held vacuum controlled diamond grinders to remove any laitance.

2 coats of a high build epoxy coating with a Chelford aggregate scatter between coats was applied to the factory floor. A new walkway of 150 linear metres from the factory entrance to the fire exit at the rear of the building was created with a flooring graphic stencil installed to emphasis the company’s health & safety message.

4 additional designated areas of varying sizes around machinery was installed in Red to a total area of 310m² with a demarcation line in Altro Line high build epoxy, high gloss in Safety Yellow to highlight specific areas.

Epoxy floor coatings provide a tough, hard wearing protective floor finish & are ideal for pedestrians & light to medium vehicular traffic.

The offer a fully sealed surface that is hygienic, provides excellent chemical & abrasion resistance, and easy to clean & maintain.

The inclusion of a slip resistant additive gives a slightly profiled texture to reduce slip potential.

The floor area is available for light traffic within 16 hours of installation completion to minimise downtime.

An epoxy floor coating is cost effective with a life expectancy of 5 to 7 years, offering the perfect solution for general industry, warehouses, plant rooms, store areas & workshops.

The installation was completed over weekend hours eliminating any loss of production.


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Project Details


June 2021


Brighouse, West Yorkshire


High Build Epoxy Coating


Industrial Flooring


FeRFA Type 3


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Project Gallery

completed resin flooring installation at a factory in brighouse
red resin flooring in a factory
pedestrian walkway with safety starts here
installing pedestrian walkway in Brighouse
factory floor before resin flooring installation
factory floor before new resin flooring was installed
completed resin flooring in red and green
resin walkway in red and green

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