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Case Study: Toilet Roll Manufacturer Industrial Resin Flooring Installation

A long standing client of ACC Flooring asked if we would carry out works to two of their manufacturing machines which are adjacent to each other. The main issue in the factory is the huge amount of water used in their process which not only deposits on the floor area but also comes from out of the machines.

After lengthy discussions with the project manager, we arranged for Herras Fencing and polythene sheeting to be erected to act as a tent for our operatives to work under whilst also providing protection to the floor area during preparation and installation of the resin flooring solution.

Once the area of 450m² was protected, the substrate was dried to remove all traces of water with enclosed wet vacuums. The area was then prepared by enclosed diamond grinding and Hilti floor cutters. The substrate required additional repairs and also areas which required making good. A resin rich, heavy duty polyurethane repair mortar which is trowel applied and installed at 10 – 60mm thickness, and used as an underlayment or infill on concrete, polymer or sand and cement screeds with the added advantage of being used to form falls or ramps was installed prior to the resin flooring application. A polyurethane patching kit was also used to other smaller areas in need of repair.

A primer was then applied prior to the application of a heavy duty polyurethane screed @ 6mm. with Mid Grey to the traffic routes and Green to form designated walkways. After curing an epoxy line marking system in Safety Yellow was installed to each side the walkway.

Heavy duty polyurethane screed offer excellent adhesion with high compressive, tensile and flexural strengths. They benefit from being impervious and slip resistant whist offering good abrasion and impact resistance with good chemical resistance. They are also self-sealing, hygienic, low odour and solvent free and are the perfect solution for heavy trafficked industrial areas.

The expansion joints were then saw cut and infilled with a thixotropic two part polyurethane modified jointing compound designed to provide good chemical resistance and durability together with a high degree of flexibility.

After curing the protection was removed following the agreed 5 day programme, the business was able to return to their usual working practices.


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Project Details


February 2018


Prudhoe, Northumberland


Heavy Duty Polyurethane Screed & Demarcation


Industrial Flooring


FeRFA Type 8


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heavy duty polyurethane screed
heavy duty polyurethane screed ferfa type 8
heavy duty polyurethane screed ferfa type 8
heavy duty polyurethane screed ferfa type 8
heavy duty polyurethane screed ferfa type 8

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