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Case Study: Treatment Plant Industrial Resin Flooring Installation

A major UK provider of environmental services asked ACC Flooring Ltd to deliver a solution for their internal sump and drainage channel and an external tank area. The sump and channel were both in a very poor condition caused by the aggressive chemicals which over time has eaten away at the linings.

Both areas were mechanically prepared to remove any laitance. A polymer modified screed was then installed to line the sump base and walls and laid to falls to the channel so that any liquid ran into the sump. The channel was then protected with marine ply to allow the polymer modified screed to cure. The advantages of a polymer modified screed over a traditional sand and cement screed include minimising shrinkage and cracking, improved flexural strength and reduced permeability.

A heavy duty polyurethane screed @ 6mm was applied to the sump walls and base and the channel sides and base. A heavy duty polyurethane screed benefits from providing a seamless finish which is non-tainting with durability, impact and very high chemical resistance properties. The product is resistant to a wide range of commonly used chemicals such as concentrated citric acids, 50% acetic acid, lactic acid and common alcohols, in addition to wide range of inorganic acids, fuels, hydraulic oils, mineral oils and solvents.

A finishing coat of a solvent based UV stable polyurethane coating was applied throughout the installation to give additional protection and enhanced chemical resistance. The product can be applied by brush, short nap roller or spray and is available in a gloss, silk or matt finish.

Three concrete plinths were mechanically prepared and dressed with two coats of the polyurethane coating.

With access being difficult to the external tank area as the only route was by steps, the materials were lifted into the area. The concrete substrate was mechanically prepared with diamond grinders. Two breeze blocks was fitted to either side of the tank to encapsulate all the liquids. Again, a heavy duty polyurethane screed installed at 6mm.

After further preparation, a seamless polyurethane mortar for vertical surfaces and radius cove was applied to both the tank face and the perimeter walls. This product benefits from providing a wide chemical resistance, when sealed and high abrasion resistance in addition to being easy to maintain. A water based polyurethane grout was the used as a seal to complete the installation.

Four concrete plinths were prepared and dressed with a two coats of a high build epoxy coating whilst the small sump was dressed with a heavy duty polyurethane screed.

The work was carried out over a ten day period during the plant shutdown. The client was delighted with the outcome with the installation being completed to the agreed timescale enabling the plant to be re-commissioned on the agreed date.


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Project Details


June 2019


Clitheroe, Lancashire


Heavy Duty Polyurethane Screed


Industrial Flooring


FeRFA Type 3, FeRFA Type 8


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completed resin floor installation in lancashire for a chemical company
completed resin flooring works at a chemical plant in lancashire
working on the drainage at a chemical plant 2
preparing chemical drainage at a chemical plant in lancashire
preparation of chemical drainage
preparation of chemical drainage 3
preparation of chemical drainage 2
completed resin works at a chemical plant
a close up picture of completed resin works at a chemical plant
a close up picture of completed drainage at a chemical plant
working on the drainage at a chemical plant
work in progress repairing external tank area
work in progress repairing external tank area 2

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