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Case Study: Tyre Distribution Depot Concrete Substrate Repair

ACC Flooring Ltd was asked by an existing client to provide a concrete floor repair solution to their failed expansion joints in the concrete substrate to their heavily trafficked depot in Leeds.

Two joints were identified requiring urgent repair, one of 7.7m and another of 4.4m. Both joints were diamond saw cut and the existing failed compound raked out. At this point it was discovered that the joints were extremely deep hence the reason why there was extensive movement in the floor slabs.

Each side of the joint was primed with Altro Prime solvent free, low viscosity primer which offers excellent adhesion properties. ACC Bulk resin rich, heavy duty polyurethane repair mortar was hand trowel applied to infill joints to a maximum depth of 60mm. ACC Bulk can also be used as an underlayment or infill on concrete and polymer modified sand and cement screeds and to form falls or ramps prior to the application system. The cure time for light pedestrian traffic is 8 hours with an over-coating window of 16 – 48 hours and full cure after 7 days.


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March 2019


Leeds, West Yorkshire


Concrete Floor Repairs


Industrial Flooring


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concrete floor repairs
repairing a concrete floor for an industrial client in leeds
completed concrete floor repairs for an industrial client in leeds
completed concrete floor repairs for industrial client in leeds

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