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Case Study: Manufacturer Of Natural Stone Industrial Resin Flooring Installation

Sarsen Stone Group is a family company based in Wiltshire. Their business is sourcing, supply, manufacturing and installation of natural stone, boutique tiles and related ancillary products. Their brands include Artisan of Devizes and Ca’ Pietra.

ACC Flooring was asked to carry out the refurbishment to a 2,263m² area which had in the past housed Lancaster Bomber Aircraft.

The existing concrete substrate was prepared by enclosed shotblasting and enclosed vacuum controlled diamond edge grinding to remove any laitance.

100m of joints in a racking area were racked out and infilled with ACC Maintain Floor Repair. This is low odour polyurethane concrete for thicknesses of 5 – 10mm which has been designed to provide durability, impact and abrasion resistance to any joint repair.

Any areas in the concrete substrate deemed as a trip hazard were cut out and made good using both ACC Maintain Floor Repair and ACC Bulk.

ACC Bulk is resin rich granite reinforced, trowel applied polyurethane repair mortar for use as an underlayment or infill on concrete and polymer modified screeds and to form falls or ramps prior to the application system. It is applied to thicknesses of 10 – 60mm depending upon the nature of the application or repair.

2 coats of Altro Tect high build epoxy coating was installed throughout in Winter Grey. A slip resistant aggregate was introduced between coats to doorways at each end of the building to provide a non-slip profile.

Altro Tect is a FeRFA type 3 classification with a life expectancy of 7 years and provides a fully sealed surface in a high gloss finish with good abrasion and chemical resistance and ease of cleaning. Available in a wide range of standard colours, it is the ideal solution for warehouse flooring, vehicle workshop flooring, general industry and medium duty areas.

The demarcation was discussed and agreed with the client. Altro Line solvent free epoxy line marking system was installed in Safety Yellow to walkways and hatchings. Zebra crossings were again installed in Altro Line in Black and White.

Altro Line is a high visibility product with low odour and a high gloss finish and is perfect for defining walkways, isolated areas and spaces. After curing walking men and fork lift truck signage was stencilled to provide additional health and safety features.

The client was delighted with the transformation of the building which was refurbished in 6 days.


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Project Details


January 2019


Melksham, Wiltshire


Epoxy Coatings & Demarcation


Industrial Flooring


FeRFA Type 3


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Project Gallery

large warehouse flooring project completed
repaired warehouse floor project at an old aircraft hanger
warehouse flooring before and after picture
warehouse flooring before and after picture with concrete step
repaired warehouse floor project with demarcation
repaired warehouse floor project with demarcation by the fork lift entrance

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