Reduce Slips with an Industrial Resin Flooring Solution

Have you got an issue with slips, trips & falls? Not sure what to do or who to call? The duty of care and the welfare of all employees are paramount. Slips, trips and falls can happen to anyone at any time, but how can we help prevent them?

No matter what the environment, industrial resin flooring can provide the solution. There are several options available in slip resistant finishes to help prevent slips, trips and falls.

An epoxy coating installed in two coats with an aggregate introduced to the first coat can provide a profiled finish and help eliminate the potential for slips, trips and falls. The degree of non-slip can be either a scatter or the area can be fully blinded with the aggregate being available in various sizes. This is an ideal solution for medium duty areas such as packing, warehousing, workshops, plant rooms and storage areas. This system will give a slip resistant of ≥36 ptv.

An industrial resin flooring option for people who are on their feet all day is a liquid vinyl product which has UVR colour stability characteristics. Installed at 2mm this slip-resistant product is ideal for light product areas, mezzanine decks, mental health seclusion rooms, aged care facilities, retail, and atria. An 8mm acoustic variant is also available for music rooms, libraries and quiet rooms which satisfy the requirement E4 of Building Regulations and BB93 acoustic design of schools. Again these products will give a slip resistant of ≥36 ptv.

A decorative quartz screed is an eye catching industrial resin flooring alternative with a slip resistant of ≥40 ptv. This product can be installed at 3, 4, 5 and 6mm which include a rapid cure 5mm variant. This product range for medium to heavy duty environments is ideal for restaurants, changing areas, laboratories, custodial areas, canteens, retail, production and packing areas.

An epoxy grip system installed at 1 – 6mm offers a ptv of ≥40 – 60 for medium to heavy duty locations including workshops, warehousing and for wet areas where there is an increased risk of slips, trip and falls including kitchens, changing rooms, showers, bars and wet production areas.

Industrial Resin Flooring Suitable For Heavy Duty Areas

A heavy duty polyurethane screed installed at either 6 or 9mm has a ptv of ≥50 and is fit for purpose in heavy duty areas such as food and drinks preparation, production, storage, chemical and pharmaceutical production and storage.

All industrial resin flooring must have a strict maintenance and cleaning regime to help eliminate potential slip, trips and falls but all come in attractive colour ranges with manufacturers’ guarantees and life expectancy of 5 – 20 years depending upon the product selection.

So why not consider an industrial flooring solution to solve your slip trips and falls issues?

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