Reducing downtime

Here at ACC Flooring, we strive to help to ensure that your business is comfortable and secure. Which is why when enquiring, you should keep in mind what approach would be best for you and your business. You may find that downtime can be quite harmful to your sales as well as manufacturing and production schedules and so should want to take an approach that not only benefits your company, but also saves you the cost for downtime. We can work with your business to discuss what approach would be the most beneficial in the time frame of your preference so that you can get the most out of your renovation without the impact of downtime.

Decreased cost

When machinery goes down, it may lead to maintenance issues which your company will have to pay for and cover the cost without any profit. Other issues include overall profit loss, as when machinery is down, your operation can’t create product, wasting the company/ workers time who still must be paid. This essentially means that your company will have to pay the cost of lost manufacture without the payback.  The more your machinery is down, and manufacture is halted, the more the cost will add up. At ACC, we can co-develop the fitting strategy to prevent unnecessary loss to suit you and your company. We take pleasure in establishing schemes that allow your business to remain in production whilst we install your new floor, so you don’t have to succumb to the disadvantages of downtime.

Improve efficiency

Downtime can disrupt the entire workforce of your company, even after machines are back up. Studies have shown that when we face interruptions during a task, it can take us up to 20 minutes to re-focus, however, the re-focus time can increase the longer the disruption lasts or the more frequent they are. This may not seem like such a large consequence, but depending on how many employees there may be, could slow down your production rate greatly. Less interruptions means more efficiency.

Employee morale increase

Initially, this may seem a more irrelevant factor/advantage, but your employees can easily become frustrated when trying to operate under difficult conditions which includes having to stop and start, or not being in the know about renovation in their area. To reduce downtime would mean that they can feel more eased that they don’t have to ‘tiptoe’ around production and can continue working as normally – which will reduce stress and discomfort amongst colleagues and overall retain a positive morale.

Decreases chance of accident

After downtime, machines will need to be started up again, which may be cause for stress, lowered employee morale and could potentially increase the risk of accident due to pressure. This pressure can create a more chaotic environment, resulting in mistakes and accidents due to people reacting with stress response rather than more logically based thought process. Increase in accident can be very harmful to a business; lost employees can further create a stressful surrounding and decreased workplace morale.


In a study made in 2017, where downtime was reduced, shop productivity increased by 20% by a production company, which resulted in a saving of almost £1.2 million. ACC projects take different times depending on the jobs and circumstances, they can take up to ‘Xdays’ so choosing to let us help reduce your downtime could potentially benefit you financially by a larger than expected margin. Another study showed that reducing downtime for just 1 hour per day can impact the top line by thousands in that month.


case study - resin floor in a auto workshop in coventry
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