Market Sectors

warehouse flooring contractors

Flooring solutions for warehouses can be complex and involve products that provide protection from high impact usage such as fork lift trucks and offer a life expectancy of 15-20 years.

workshop flooring

Workshop flooring is available in a variety of thicknesses dependant on what your flooring needs. The ultimate product selection that we offer would be a FeFRA type 8.

engineering resin flooring experts

Engineering flooring needs to be durable, impact and abrasion resistant, slip-resistant & easy to clean.  These are some of the main characteristics in such a demanding environment.

chemical resistant flooring

The right high-performance flooring is essential for production plants, research & development labs that require chemical resistant flooring and maintaining their strict safety protocols.

Pharmaceutical flooring systems

We offer a wide range of flooring solutions for the Pharmaceutical sector which can be applied to all workplace locations. Available in a wide colour range with a gloss finish.

automotive resin flooring MOT bay

For automotive and workshop facilities, we offer a product range with excellent impact & abrasion resistance. An extensive colour range & different finishes are available.

food grade flooring solutions

Food and drink production spaces demand flooring solutions to meet all appropriate EU Regulations. They are easy to clean and is anti-bacterial to make the environment a safer place.

car park decking

We offer a flexible, waterproof car park decking solution for both intermediate and exposed car park decks and ramps. Installed on new build and refurbishment projects.

concrete and resin floor repairs

We offer a range of products for resin floor repairs and concrete repairs for both internal and external locations. Floor repairs that are cost effective whilst minimising downtime.

decorative flooring in a shop

Hygienic and seamless decorative flooring screeds are a solvent free epoxy resin system benefiting from a comprehensive colour range and a moderate level of chemical and impact resistance.

education resin flooring specialists

We offer a range of resin flooring solutions for the Education sector which offer outstanding life cycle costs against traditional soft flooring options such as vinyl, carpet or carpet tiles.

floor demarcation

Our floor demarcation solutions are low odour and solvent free offering excellent chemical and abrasion resistance, providing high visibility demarcation for both internal and external locations.

slip resistant flooring epoxy

Slip resistant flooring are required by most business environments. Nearly all spaces, both commercial and industrial, are susceptible to the high risks associated with a wet or dry slippery floor.

packaging resin flooring contractors

Low odour, solvent free, non-dusting & easy to clean are some of the demands required of packaging flooring. Cost effective solutions & outstanding life expectancy.