Floor Demarcation: Industrial Line Marking Solutions

Our solutions are low odour and solvent free offering excellent chemical and abrasion resistance in a high gloss finish, providing high visibility demarcation for both internal and external locations.

Our demarcation solutions come in a variety of options, all with intent to make your workplace safe for both pedestrians and vehicles. These options include:

  • Walkways (walking men)
  • Forklift routes
  • Fire escape hatch boxes
  • Racking system locations
  • Numbering and lettering
  • Lines and stencilling
  • Pedestrian zebra crossings

Each solution is fit for floor areas where there is a heavy traffic flow and obstructions throughout the working area. We advise that all warehouses and workshops seek our demarcation line marking as it will help reduce the risk of any incidents or collisions that may happen in the workplace.

Industrial line marking and demarcation in warehouses

We believe demarcation is a vital part of the warehouse flooring. Demarcation ensures the workplace is fit for all traffic and provides safe routes for exit in case of emergencies.

Most, if not all of our warehouse flooring installations have included our line marking services due to our clients believing it is the correct choice to ensure a safe environment for employees and visitors.

demarcation for a large warehouse

Case Studies

Check out some of our recent demarcation case studies below.

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