Food Grade Flooring

With our in depth knowledge of the food and drink industry, we understand that industrial food grade flooring and adjoining walls need to be hygienic, seamless and able to withstand rigorous cleaning regimes. Chemical attack from food and drink ingredients can be aggressive on floors and walls, however we are able to provide a comprehensive choice of solutions.

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Keeping your floor clean & safe

In order to meet the high standards required for food preparation, floors and walls need to be seamless to eradicate areas for bacterial growth, as well as being hard wearing to withstand continuous traffic from forklift trucks, pallet trucks and other pieces of equipment.

Our best performing Altro material for food grade flooring is Altro Crete, FeRFA types; 4,5,7 and 8. Each variant provides an excellent slip resistance with the best chemical resistance and impact resistance and the wear characteristic of medium-very heavy duty depending on the thickness of your installation. Each variant is easy cleaning and comes in a variety of colours to suit your liking.

Our food grade resin flooring systems can be customised to meet any individual requirements, as they come in a wide range of types including:

  • Abattoirs, Meat, Fish & Seafood Processing
  • Dairy & Milk Products
  • Beverages & Soft Drinks
  • Bakeries

Bakery flooring

Our installation team advise that polyurethane resin flooring is the best for bakery flooring because it can withstand and provide specific requirements industrial bakery flooring needs. This includes necessary characteristics such as:

  • Easily cleanable and heat withstanding – Polyurethane screed floors are very durable and offer excellent thermal protection and can endure temperatures up to 120-130 degrees.
  • Very hard wearing – Polyurethane resin is also exceptionally hard wearing and can withstand the hardest physical abrasions. The bakery industry can be a harsh environment with heavy processing equipment and materials.
  • Hygienic flooring – Can be laid to falls to help drainage.
  • Anti-slip in wet and dry conditions – Polyurethane screeds offer the maximum anti slip properties to make them ideal in bakeries.
food grade flooring example at sheffield teaching hospital

Brewery flooring

Brewery flooring need resin solutions such as Pumadur HF. Food safe flooring requires good chemical, abrasion and impact resistance, with anti-slip and easy cleaning.

Cleaning brewery floors is usually done at high temperatures, typically with steam cleaners because of their effectiveness against bacteria. Pumadur HF polyurethane flooring can be cleaned with temperatures up to 120 degrees and is chemically resistant to most types of cleaning products, leaving you with a clean and hygienic floor.

Pub flooring

You need a pub flooring solution that will withstand the continuous heavy traffic from customer activity. A good food industry flooring contractor, such as ACC Flooring, can install your new food resin floor with a life expectancy of up to 20 years.

With industrial hard wearing properties to withstand marking, scratching, spillages, stiletto heels, and heavy foot traffic, particularly at entrances, bar areas, corridors and toilets.

Other benefits of using resin floors include properties to reduce slips, and any spillages can easy be wiped away leaving no stains.

Food Flooring Case studies

Check out some of our recent food grade flooring case studies below.

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