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ACC Flooring have been installing industrial flooring solutions for over 30 years. Every floor is unique with numerous characteristics for performance, durability and hygiene.

Our solutions can be customised to meet any requirements.

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workshop flooring example in black and red colours and yellow demarcation

Flooring installed in a workshop.

Chemical Flooring

The biggest fear in the chemical industry is loss of containment to either primary or secondary containment areas or environments where severe chemical attack is a concern.

Chemical bunds require not just a heavy duty polyurethane screed to the flooring area but also a wall render at the transition of the floor and walls to any coving detail which can them be coated with a water based polyurethane grout. Engineering brickwork can then be protected with highly chemical resistant polyurethane coating systems.

Take a look at our Chemical Plant Case Study.


Epoxy resin flooring at a chemical plant.

Engineering Flooring

Durability, impact and abrasion resistance are three of the main characteristics of an industrial floor covering for such a demanding environment. Slip-resistant properties will also enhance both the features of resin flooring in addition to providing a safer working environment.

Most flooring contractors would recommend the installation of a heavy duty polyurethane screed which is not only seamless and hygienic but encapsulates all the requirements for engineering flooring. The product which has a natural matt finish can be heightened with a gloss seal coat to improve and ease the cleaning and maintenance process.

A heavy duty polyurethane screed has a life expectancy of 15 – 20 years and is the ideal flooring solution for demanding areas.

Take a look at our Engineering Workshop Case Study.

For further information have a read of Altros 6mm Slip Resistant Textured Surface.

workshop flooring example in black and red colours and yellow demarcation

Engineering workshop resin floor installation.

Food Grade Flooring

A heavy duty polyurethane screed installed at either 6mm or 9mm is the ultimate solution for food grade flooring. These trowel applied types of flooring can be laid on concrete and polymer modified cementitious screeds. With a seamless matt finish and slip resistant profile the product features include:

  • Stable to steam cleaning and hot water exposure at a thickness of 9mm
  • Very high chemical resistance to aggressive chemicals
  • Non-tainting
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Excellent thermal shock resistance
  • Impervious
  • Hygienic
  • Good cleanability
  • Meets the European Directive on the Hygiene of Food Stuffs (93/43/EEC)
  • 15 – 20 years life expectancy

Typical areas of use include food processing, bakeries, dairies, breweries, abattoirs and meat processing plants, commercial kitchens and general storage areas.

industrial resin flooring used in a large hospital kitchen

Industrial resin flooring used at a hospital kitchen.

Packaging Flooring

Various types of flooring would be suitable for the packaging sector from high build epoxy coatings, self-levelling, high gloss, epoxy flowable industrial resin flooring, and multi-layer and decorative quartz systems to heavy duty polyurethane screeds. Low odour, solvent free, non-dusting and durable solutions are available and with a varying life expectancy from 7 – 20 years, easy to clean properties, industrial flooring can deliver the optimum product for any environment including both wet and dry production areas, circulation areas, changing rooms and showers.

High visibility demarcation areas including walkways, zebra crossings and fire exits can be installed to provide a safe working environment for employees and visitors.

Find out more information on our packaging flooring page.

packaging flooring example in a forklift and pedestrian area

Resin example in a forklift and pedestrian area.

Pharmaceutical Flooring

Pharmaceutical floors offer a comprehensive range of fit for purpose products which would include high build epoxy coatings, decorative quartz systems and heavy duty polyurethane screeds. These products are ideal for wet and dry production areas, laboratories and clean rooms and packing areas. In addition some areas within a pharmaceutical facility would need a static dissipative resin solution.

Altro Resins offers a 4mm static dissipative variant in their Altro Screed Quartz range and a 3mm static dissipative variant in their Altro Flow range which is measured in accordance with test method BS 2050.

Resdev also offer a small range of static dissipative products including:

  • Pumadur HF ESD Heavy duty polyurethane screed
  • Pumadur SL ESD
  • Pumaflow ESD

All their products are compliant with BS 2050.

Completed installation of heavy duty polyurethane screed in charcoal for a health and beauty manufacturer

Heavy duty flooring at a pharmaceutical manufacturer.

Warehouse Flooring

Warehouses due to their nature are heavy traffic environments. With constant fork lift truck and other vehicle movements in addition to foot traffic, resin floor coverings offer dust free, durable solutions which are cost effective and fit for purpose.

Most warehouse flooring will be installed in an epoxy coating, FeRFA types 2 and 3. These systems will provide 5 – 7 years life expectancy. Slip resistant options can be installed in doorways to offer some resistance to tyres in wet weather conditions.

FeRFA Type 4 Grip systems are ideal for areas of constant fork lift use. Industrial flooring contractors will install a heavy duty three component flexible binder which when scattered with natural or synthetic aggregates creates a slip resistant profiled surface.

Industrial flooring is hard wearing, tough and slightly flexible with rapid installation to minimise downtime.

High visibility walkways, zebra crossings and other forms of demarcation can offer safe working conditions for all employees.

warehouse floor with yellow demarcation lines

Warehouse floor with yellow demarcation lines.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Resin floors are tough resilient systems, however, for the performance characteristics of the floor to be maintained, an appropriate cleaning regime should be agreed in advance.

The cleaning regime will itself be determined by a number of factors; the type of resin flooring installed, the type of frequency of traffic, the degree and type of soiling and specific hygiene requirements.

Recommended cleaning methods

  • Wash and vacuum dry – FeRFA Types 1, 2, 3, 4 (excluding Grip systems) and 5
  • Scrubber Dryer – FeRFA Types 4 (Grip systems only), 6 and 7.
  • Low pressure water/scrubber dryer – FeRFA Type 8
resin flooring installed 20 years ago

Resin floor installed 20 years ago.

Floor Repairs

There is a range of concrete flooring repair products available for concrete, polymer modified and cementitious screeds.

  • ACC Maintain Floor Repair – This is a low odour polyurethane product ideal for use on concreate and polymer modified cementitious screeds.
  • ACC Maintain Joint Repair – Joints repaired with ACC Maintain Joint Repair will withstand continuous wear from forklift trucks and wheeled vehicles.

For more information visit our resin floor repairs page.

repaired concrete joints

Repaired concrete joints.

Drainage Systems

In the food and beverage industry where hygiene is paramount, drainage systems can be installed. This may involve the installation of a cementitious screed to falls to ensure that the water is directed into the drains. Blucher stainless steel drainage systems are ideal for this type of environment and can also include traps and baskets. A specialist contractor will be needed to cut the concrete to the desired length, depth and width. The channel can then be set and the concrete allowed curing prior installation of the industrial resin flooring.

Here’s a case study for a food preparation company we completed in March 2018.

industrial resin flooring photo showing the drainage systems installed

Drainage system installed for a new client.

Sub Floor Screeds

A polymer modified cementitious system supports a range of floor finishes including resin and vinyl industrial flooring types. Designed to enhance the physical properties of cement based floor screeds and repair compounds. It improves flexural strength, impact and abrasion resistance.

Screeds offer a fast drying cement based, pump applied floor topping for fast track renovation of concrete floors.

industrial resin flooring photo showing the drainage systems being installed using fast drying cement

Drainage system being installed using fast drying cement.

Vertical Surfaces

Coving detail can be formed usually from 100mm – 150mm high to provide a hygienic transition from the resin flooring system to the wall systems this could include both cladding and resin.

Altro Screed 3mm standard variant can be applied to vertical surfaces as a wall render for fully-tanked wet rooms or seclusion suite locations.

Resin systems can also be applied to chemical bunds to ensure loss of containment. A polyurethane mortar can be formed to coving, plinths and bases, drain linings and bunds. A water based polyurethane grout is then applied as a seal to provide a mottled matt finish.

A chemical resistant coating can be applied in either a gloss, matt or silk finish. The cured coating has excellent abrasion and chemical resistance and also excellent weathering properties.

industrial resin flooring photo showing the coving detail on a chemical bund

Coving detail on a chemical bund.

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completed demarcation for motorbike bay at west yorkshire police vehicle workshop in wakefield

Completed demarcation for motorbike bay at West Yorkshire police vehicle workshop in Wakefield.