There Are Many Classroom Flooring Options Available

Classroom flooring options have typically been vinyl or tile floors but resin flooring is becoming more popular because of its seamless, monolithic finish, but also because of the range of decorative finishes available and the easy of cleaning and maintenance.

classroom flooring optionsWith a hard wearing finish that can deliver high levels of durability, resin flooring systems can offer more cost effective classroom flooring options than other floor coverings.

Epoxy resin systems which encapsulate decorative acrylic flakes look great in either matt or gloss finishes. Available in a range of eye catching colour options they are a perfect classroom flooring solution.

Decorative quartz resin flooring systems installed at 3mm – 6mm offer versatility in both school laboratories due to their level of chemical and slip-resistance properties, but also provide classroom locations with striking design flooring options.

Perfect Classroom Flooring Options Using A Resin Decorative Quartz System

Flexible, liquid vinyl products combine durability with good impact resistance. With UV stability they also offer education Business Managers outstanding life cycle costs and have more than 50% renewable, natural oil content therefore being kind to the environment.

As a classroom flooring option they also feel great to stand and walk on and are ideal for staff who are on their feet all day.

For music classrooms and libraries, there are also acoustic options which provide sound insulation as standard along with delivering levels of comfort underfoot, reducing fatigue caused by long periods of standing on hard floors.

With a comprehensive product choice which offers durability, design and colour choice, impact and chemical resistance, slip-resistant properties, resin flooring can offer ideal classroom flooring options to any primary or secondary school, college or university.

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If you are looking at a long lasting resin flooring solution or would like to repair an existing classroom floor, ask ACC Flooring for a free site survey. Call our expert team on 01484 715400 to discuss your requirements.

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