We discuss Bus Flooring for all weather types

ACC Flooring have vast experience installing bus flooring. Over the many years, we have come to master makes the flooring last its full life expectancy. The floor must be easy to clean, slip resistant and durable for heavy foot traffic, whilst also giving an aesthetically pleasing finish to wow its consumers.

Transport flooring fit for all weather types

All our transport flooring installations include an anti-slip characteristic to improve grip on the floor for wet conditions. Anti-slip flooring will allow pedestrians to feel safe on their mode of transportation, preventing accidents especially on a rainy day.

All of our transport flooring can come with demarcation as well, dependant on what the client prefers, and all flooring is available in a wide selection of colours and finishes.

bus flooring with grey colour and red bus

Bus workshop and showroom flooring options

ACC Flooring offer an extensive range of safety resin flooring options for bus workshops. You can be assured that the floor will be just as safe as the day it was installed. Our bus/coach dealership flooring is designed for hard wearing workshop environments with superb benefits which include:

  • chemical resistance
  • battery acid resistance
  • impact resistance
  • hygiene
  • non-slip
  • ease of cleaning

Safety demarcation for transport showrooms and workshops

Like all workshop flooring, demarcation is always available to improve the safety of the work environment to ensure both employees and visitors are safe. Demarcation options come in an extensive range of options and colours and is available for where the client sees fit.

Do you need a bus/coach dealer flooring installation?

Take a look at our bus dealership flooring case study, this is a perfect example of how we can create a flooring specific to our clients requirements whilst making the most of your money.

For professional help and advice on bus flooring, call our team on 0800 5420 518 or use the request a quote form.

bus flooring with grey colour and red bus
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