At ACC Flooring, we understand that the appearance of your flooring is one of the most important elements of an installation, which is why, as floor painting contractors, we are experienced in making sure the end results look good.

We also offer floor painting suitable for flooring seen by visitors/clients/customers. Arturo are a brand that specialise in unique, high end floor painting that will impress. This type of floor painting is commonly found in areas such as reception spaces and meeting rooms where the floor must be in top quality.

Warehouse floor painting contractor

Warehouse flooring is commonly recognised for its demarcation. Demarcation is the our most important type of floor painting, added for safety precautions in the work place. Demarcation consists of walkways, hatching, directions and exit routes, useful for both pedestrians and vehicles used in warehousing. More information can be found in our blog Warehouse Flooring Options.

Watco has an extensive floor paint product portfolio which is available in a comprehensive range of colours. Their products include:

  • Concrete paint
  • Anti-slip concrete paint
  • Anti-slip steps and ramps
  • Anti-slip sealers and dustproofers
  • Anti-slip line marking Further information is available at:

For professional help and advice on warehouse floor painting, call our team on 0800 5420 518 or use the request a quote form.