Why choose a waterproof resin flooring?

ACC Flooring are specialists in installing waterproof resin flooring at a high standard. We offer a range of material used for flooring that may get wet. Waterproof resin flooring is an excellent choice for areas including, but not limited to, warehouse and food and drink flooring. These areas usually require flooring that can endure any weather type or spillages in the work place. These circumstances demand for a flooring that can withstand liquids without damaging or eroding. In addition, we can provide a fully sealed surface which will prevent any water ingress and consequently any damage to the substrate whether it be concrete or sand and cement screeds.

Waterproof Resin Flooring that will last for 15 years

Altro Grip is one of our most trusted materials to use for waterproof resin flooring. It is a solvent free epoxy resin multi-layer system providing slip resistance and a textured gloss surface. Altro Grip is a heavy duty, chemical resistant option for waterproof resin flooring, also perfect for showers and other wet areas.

The 4.5mm slip-resistant variant is great for kitchens and wet production areas. This system has been tested to DIN 51097 for barefoot wet areas such as changing rooms and showers. The 6mm slip-resistant variant provides all the above but with excellent impact resistance, trusted for warehouse and workshop flooring.

We also work with Pumadur HF which is a similar option to Altro Grip, excellent for slippery flooring to help prevent accidents in the workplace.

waterproof resin flooring

The benefits of waterproof resin flooring in the workplace

Warehouses are busy workplaces, which work both indoors and outdoors. Slip resistance is required in warehouses to avoid slips and trip for pedestrians. See our blog about Warehouse Flooring for further information on slip resistance in warehouses.

Food and drink areas would also benefit a waterproof resin flooring for the occurrences of spillages and other accidents involving liquids. See our food grade flooring page for further information on slip resistance in food and drink workplaces.

Waterproof resin flooring coatings

Altro Seal is a high sheen finish, which offers anti-slip characteristics where there is a high risk of slipping. The surface is textured to provide slip resistance for pedestrians. This waterproof resin flooring coating has a life expectancy of 5 years, providing your floor with a waterproof seal to prolong your floorings lifespan, meaning extra protection from erosion and damage by liquids.

For professional help and advice on waterproofing your next floor project, call our team on 0800 5420 518 or use the request a quote form.

waterproof resin flooring
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