Case Study: Engineering Workshop

A long standing client contacted ACC Flooring to discuss and plan the installation of a heavy duty polyurethane screed to accommodate a new machine which was to be commissioned once the resin flooring had been applied.

The client had meticulously planned the layout on the workshop floor which entailed moving some machines to accommodate the soon to be delivered new machine. During the course of this action the subfloor to which the new machine was to be sighted was found to be in poor condition and required concrete repairs. The affected area had to be excavated and re-laid using fast setting concrete; however, this setback put the clients programme under severe pressure causing a delay to the completion of their project and potential loss of production.

During the site visit, prior to the installation of the resin flooring and following extensive discussions with the client, it was agreed that the area of new concrete did not need the polyurethane screed installed to the full machine footprint.

The existing concrete substrate previously had an epoxy clear seal coat applied. This was removed by scabbling and vonarx preparation which was then finished with diamond edge grinding. ACC Flooring applied a damp proof membrane followed by the heavy duty resin system to a width of 200mm around the perimeter of the new concrete. Once cured the newly laid floor was saw cut and infilled at the transition from existing to new concrete with flexible mastic joint.

A gloss top coat was then applied to the whole installation to assist with ease of cleaning in such a demanding environment.

Despite the issue with the subfloor, ACC Flooring enabled the client to minimise any lost time in their programme by working with them and solving an issue which could have delayed their project by weeks.

Not all projects go to plan, flexibility during the installation process is vital in solving any unforeseen substrate issue. ACC Flooring are experienced epoxy coating specialists with the skills to overcome any difficulties and provide a solution to facilitate the successful completion of any scheme.


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Project Details:

May 2017
Sheffield, South Yorkshire
Heavy Duty Resin Flooring
Industrial Flooring

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