Case Study: Food Preparation Company

ACC Flooring was appointed to carry out the drainage and food grade resin flooring installation for a food preparation company in Leeds.

The client had taken over the lease of a unit and required the floor to be remodelled to accommodate their requirements. The client carries out the food preparation, cooking and distribution of food to their restaurants in Yorkshire.

A comprehensive site survey was undertaken with the appointed contractor, Framework Workplace Environments, and the drainage details confirmed from the architects drawings. Blucher UK was then consulted and a further drawing of the drainage detail was provided and agreed upon by all parties.

The concrete substrate was mechanically cut by a specialised company to falls enable the Blucher stainless steel drainage channel to be installed by ACC Flooring Ltd, the detail also included traps and baskets and pop-up gullies in addition to the external connection to the main drainage.

Once installed, the channel was set in resin slurry which was allowed to cure.

The concrete substrate was then mechanically prepared with both Vonarx and enclosed diamond grinding equipment. Pumadur HF, heavy duty polyurethane screed from Resdev in Mid Grey was installed @ 9mm with a life expectancy of 15 – 20 years; this product is perfect for commercial kitchens due to its seamless matt surface with a light slip resistant texture which is ideal for both wet and dry processing environments.

The product also benefits from stability to steam clean and hot water exposure at 9mm, being highly chemical resistant, non-tainting, high abrasion resistance and impermeable to water. The hygienic properties of Pumadur HF also mean that it inhibits bacterial growth. In addition, the product has been independently tested by Campden BRI to ensure that it meets Health and Safety legislation requirements for such demanding workspaces.

The project was completed within the agreed timeframe and the contractor and client were both delighted with the quality of workmanship and aesthetical appearance of the resin flooring solution.


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Completed preparation on the concrete floor before resin flooring screed applied

Project Details:

March 2018
Leeds, West Yorkshire
Heavy Duty Polyurethane Screed
Commercial Flooring
FeRFA Type 8

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