Case Study: Hygiene, Health & Nutrition Manufacturer

The home of the world’s best loved & trusted hygiene, health & nutrition brands have been a client of ACC Flooring Ltd for many years. They had an existing area which they wanted to refurbish & change the use to complement their existing manufacturing facility.

The work to the 510m² space was to be completed over 3 phases with the 1st phase in May 2021 & the remaining work to be completed in July 2021. The floor area had vinyl flooring throughout, all of which needed to be uplifted by kango using a scrapper blade. The latex was then removed by Von Arx.

The newly exposed concrete substrate was mechanically prepared by hand held vacuum controlled diamond grinders to remove any other laitance.

Aluminium birds’ beak trim was fitted to the vertical substrate ready to receive the coving detail to 501m.

The floor & coving both had a coat of Altro Prime epoxy primer applied prior to the installation of Altro Screed 4mm epoxy quartz system. Once cured 2 coats of Altro Screed standard clear seal was applied to complete the installation.

  • Altro Screed provides a moderate level of chemical & impact resistance & is suitable for medium & heavy duty areas. A range of seal coats enable flexibility on both cure times & also standard & slip resistant surfaces finishes. The product is also available in a static dissipative option.
  • Altro Screed @ 4mm has a life expectancy of 15 years, is available in an extensive colour palette & is typically used in reception areas, corridor & walkways, laboratories, packing areas & changing rooms including sports facilities.

The product can be laid to falls & is coveable, easy to clean & is fully bonded to the substrate to provide a seamless, hygienic floor finish.


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completed grey resin flooring with coving

Project Details:

May 2021
Huddersfield, West Yorkshire
Heavy Duty Polyurethane Flooring
Industrial Flooring
FeRFA Type 6

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