Case Study: Leeds Ambulance Hub

ACC Flooring was appointed by the main contractor, William Birch & Sons, to install the resin flooring package on the refurbishment project for Leeds Ambulance Hub.

The installation to be carried out in numerous phases over a three month period had to be meticulously planned to co-ordinate with planned works by other trades and to meet the contracted completion date.

The 1st phase to the small Wash Bay area needed to be completed by Christmas. The substrate was mechanically prepared by use of scabbling and diamond edge grinding equipment. A heavy duty polymer modified cementitious screed was installed and allowed to cure for 3 days. After curing the newly laid screed was prepared and Pumagrip HD3, heavy duty, three component flexible binder installed which when scattered with natural or synthetic aggregates create a slip resistant profile. The excess aggregate was swept off and a coat of high build epoxy coating in Mid Grey applied to complete.

Pumagrip HD3 benefits from being hardwearing, tough and slightly flexible, seamless and can be applied in 2 days reducing downtime.

The remaining phases were completed in the New Year. The concrete substrate was prepared by enclosed shotblasting removing any laitance and diamond edge grinders used to complete the preparation process.

A coat of Altro Proof high build epoxy surface damp-proof membrane was applied to the substrate. This is an effective single coat application providing protection across a range of moisture contents from relative humidity of more than 75% to 97% wet, (surface-dry).

It protects moisture sensitive flooring systems from rising damp in buildings with no structural damp proof membrane and offers outstanding adhesion to concrete under adverse conditions and provides excellent resistance to water and hydrolysis.

Any areas requiring making good were repaired with ACC Maintain Floor Repair polyurethane patching kit which is a low odour concrete compound with excellent physical properties including durability, impact and abrasion resistance. Unlike epoxy compounds ACC Maintain Floor Repair will cure at temperatures below 5° and can be applied at thickness of 5 – 10mm.

An epoxy scratchcoat in Pumaflow self-levelling system was applied to improve the quality of the substrate eliminating any imperfections, prior to the application of the floor finish.

2 coats of Flowcoat SF41 high build epoxy coating with a light aggregate scatter to the ambulance bays to create a slip resistant profile was applied in Goosewing Grey. Flowcoat SF41 provides a fully sealed surface with good chemical and abrasion resistance in a high gloss finish and is ideal for medium duty areas including Warehouses, General Industry, Aircraft Hangars and Vehicle Workshops.

Altro Line solvent free high build epoxy line marking in both Safety Yellow and White was installed to create line markings and hatchings. Altro Line is a high visibility, low odour product in a high gloss finish with good chemical resistance and ease of cleaning and is perfect for defining walkways, isolated areas and spaces. Other colour availability includes Safety Red and Black.

The project was completed within the agree time frame and ran in conjunction with another William Birch & Sons project which we were awarded at Huddersfield Ambulance Hub.


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resin floor repairs for leeds ambulance hub

Project Details:

February 2019
Leeds, West Yorkshire
High Build Epoxy Coatings
Industrial Flooring
FeRFA Type 3

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