Case Study: Major Supplier of Analgesics

ACC Flooring was asked by a new client to provide a resin flooring solution to their small Washbay area.

The client who is a major supplier of analgesics to British pharmaceutical & grocery sectors in the UK & who is Tesco’s supplier of the year manufactures paracetamol tablets. The chemicals in paracetamol had discoloured the existing epoxy quartz system & the area had become unsightly.

ACC Flooring recommended over coating the quartz system with MasterSeal 7000CR system. This system had been successfully applied in similar locations with other clients where the existing resin flooring had discoloured due to chemical staining caused by the manufacturing process.

The surface was mechanically prepared with hand held vacuum attached diamond grinders prior to the installation of the system. MasterSeal 7000CR is a three coat system consisting of a coat of MasterSeal P770 primer which will improve adhesion and prevent the appearance of pinholes or bubbles in the subsequent hardened coating. Two coats of MasterSeal M790 in Red were then applied to complete the installation to both floor & coving areas.

MasterSeal 7000CR provides excellent chemical resistance including high concentrations of biogenic sulphuric acid & has a high resistance to carbon dioxide diffusion. The product is moisture tolerant, waterproof & has high tear abrasion & impact resistance & high durability. The product is the ideal solution where a high level of chemical resistance is required, this includes:

  • Waste water treatment plants both inflow & outflow areas
  • Sewage effluent pipelines
  • Biogas plants
  • Secondary containment

Master Seal 7000CR can be applied on

  • Horizontal & vertical substrates
  • Internal & external areas
  • Concrete, cementitious mortar or steel substrates
  • Reinforced concrete to protect it against carbonation or chloride induced corrosion & for protection against chemical attack in secondary containment bunds in the chemical & petrochemical industries.

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completed resin floor in red with drainage

Project Details:

January 2022
St Albans
High Build Epoxy Coatings
Industrial Flooring
FeRFA Type 3

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