Case Study: Manufacturer of Plastic Closures

ACC Flooring was asked by a new client to carry out a variety of works within their factory. The client manufactures and sells plastic closures for the food, beverage and industrial market sectors.

The initial works was to re-instate their existing walkways. The area was prepared by using enclosed vacuum controlled hand-held diamond grinders to remove any laitance. Altro Tect high build epoxy coating in Green was applied to the area of 150m. Walking Men were then stencilled onto the cured product to provide additional health and safety measures. AltroLine line marking & demarcation epoxy system in Safety Yellow was the installed to both sides of the newly applied walkway. Fire Extinguisher wall areas were also marked with AltroTect high build coating in Safety Red. Additional floor stickers and logos were then installed to provide the workforce and visitors with clear demarcation.

The existing drain covers were again prepared and Altro Tect high build epoxy coating applied in Grey.

Additional concrete floor repairs were carried out by preparing the substrate with diamond grinders before the application of a heavy duty polyurethane screed in Dark Grey.

The internal drains were cleaned out by others and allowed to dry prior to the application of a high build coating in Charcoal.

A high build epoxy coating, FeRFA Type 3 classification has a life expectancy of 7 years and is ideal for medium duty areas, A heavy duty polyurethane screed installed at 6mm, which is a FeRFA Type 8, has a life expectancy of 15 years and offers excellent impact and chemical resistance in addition to a slip resistant of ≥ 50 ptv.

The client was delighted with the works carried out and additional orders have been received to provide factory flooring solutions for other parts of the business.


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green demarcation for a manufacturer of plastic closures in the food sector

Project Details:

November 2018
Hull, East Yorkshire
High Build Epoxy Coatings
Industrial Flooring
FeRFA Type 8

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