Case Study: New Resin Floor for Commercial Vehicle Workshop

ACC Flooring were contracted to install new resin flooring in this vehicle workshop environment including bays, pit, rolling road and safety demarcation. The total workshop area was approx. 930m2. – to be carried out in 3 Phases on 3 different dates, to suit the client’s program and reduce downtime.

The client requested an approach to be taken that would reduce downtime, to which we collated an efficient project plan that included all their requirements. The benefits that reducing downtime could have on your business are greatly overlooked. To reduce your downtime means continuing work at your business’ usual hours, in areas where our team are not working. This is very cost efficient for businesses as there is no need to put a halt to production, which would usually mean financial loss and a delay when returning to production. Reducing downtime will also reduce the refocus time due to interruption;  Research has shown that when we face interruptions in the middle of a task, it can take us over twenty minutes to refocus, and with a project like this one, the refocus time could be greatly extended due to its longevity, which is why we strongly recommend this approach for businesses.

This project required our team to mechanically prepare by vacuum enclosed diamond grinding, removing any laitance to provide a clean sound substrate to receive a resin floor finish. All our preparation equipment is attached to vacuum controlled units to minimise dust release into the environment.

Floor repairs were required due to impact damage in areas and where walls had been removed and also at door entrances. These were carried out using a resin rich heavy duty polyurethane repair mortar. A low odour polyurethane concrete was also then used to improve isolated impact damage across the entire area including joints.

Then once fully prepared, 2 coats of Altro Tect high build epoxy coating in ‘Gunmetal Grey’ was laid with a non-slip aggregate between coats, along with Altroline epoxy line marking system in safety yellow and black, to form demarcation lines for Bays and around pit areas, this ensures the proper safety of everyone in the workshop and enhances the safety features of the company. Safety demarcation is easy to install, further reducing downtime, clean and easy to maintain.

In the pit area, Altrocrete heavy duty polyurethane screed was applied and finished off with safety black and yellow tred nosings to the stairs to enhance the appearance of the floor as well as providing a safe working environment.

High build coating systems, FeRFA Type 3, are ideal for workshop floors as they have a life expectancy of 5 years and have moderate impact and chemical resistance and are easy to clean. Heavy Duty Polyurethane Screed has a 10-12 year life expectancy and has excellent impact resistance.


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Project Details:

June 2023
High Build Epoxy Coatings
Industrial Flooring
FeRFA Type 3

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