Case Study: Pharmaceutical Company

A long standing client of ACC Flooring asked if we could carry out works to a number of areas during their shutdown period in between Christmas and New Year. Some of the works was required due to health and safety issues and some was essential remedial work to production areas. All the works had to be completed prior to their commencement of production immediately after New Year’s Day.

The concrete substrate to all the areas were mechanically prepared with enclosed diamond grinding equipment prior to the installation of any industrial flooring solution. Some of the pedestrian walkways had been accidentally damaged and required additional remedial work. A polyurethane concrete floor patching kit was installed were required. This product is specifically designed to provide excellent physical properties on both concrete and polymer modified cementitious screeds offering durability together with impact and abrasion resistance. A high build epoxy coating in Green with a non-slip Chelford aggregate between coats was applied to all the walkways with Safety Yellow epoxy demarcation lines to the sides. Floor logos were also placed to make employees aware of the potential danger of fork lift truck traffic.

Black and White epoxy demarcation products were installed to create high visibility internal zebra crossings. Whilst a heavy duty Grip system comprising of a bodycoat which is then fully blinded with aggregate and allowed to cure prior to the application of the Black and White epoxy demarcation to create an external walkway with a high degree of slip resistance due to the increased level of potential slippage caused by adverse and changing weather conditions.

A high build epoxy coating in Dark Grey was applied to internal fork lift truck routes were the existing coatings had started to wear to the high level of traffic.

To a chemical bund area the existing coating to the walls and screed to the flooring areas had failed and were both removed and re-instated. A Buff coloured heavy duty polyurethane screed @ 6mm in a matt finish was installed to the floor offering durability, slip resistance and chemical resistance. A 3 coat chemical resistant coating solution in Dark Grey was applied to the bund walls. This system is ideal for both new and old vertical and horizontal substrates in external and internal locations. The system offers high abrasion and chemical resistance, excellent adhesion and weatherproofing properties and has the advantage of not including any solvents.

All the works was completed within the agreed timescale and enabled the client to re-open their business without any additional downtime.


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high build epoxy flooring demarcation pharmaceutical company

Project Details:

December 2017
Huddersfield, West Yorkshire
High Build Epoxy Coatings
Industrial Flooring
FeRFA Type 6

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